How to Avoid Social Media Stress

by Janice Wald

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2021 is a new year.

You don't want to begin it by being aggravated.

You don't want to spend it being annoyed.

You don't want to end it frustrated.

Social media stress is an enormous source of aggravation.

Aren't these matters out of your control and in the hands of the people who control social media platforms? No!

Is there anything you can do? Yes!

This post will offer three sources of social media stress and three solutions you can implement to avoid those stressors.

Source of Social Media Stress

Source of Stress 1: People are inexplicably unfollowed on social media sites. For instance, Instagrammers are notorious for unfollowing.

Source of Stress 2: Social media users find themselves banned, also without reason. Facebook users wind up in Facebook jail and banned from the site for days, weeks, or months.

Instagram sends nasty warnings. If you try to try to put your user name/password information to a third-party app to boost your Instagram success, Instagram will send you nasty warnings and you'll have to reset your account.

Source of Stress 3: Sometimes, hackers will commit a violation called “phishing.” If Instagram thinks you were a victim, you'll have the annoyance of trying to reset your account information.

What Can You Do About This Social Media Stress?

How to Avoid Social Media Stress

Solution 1: Don't sweat the small stuff

When it comes to being unfollowed, just don't care. It's not personal. Instagrammers can only follow 7500. They must unfollow to unfollow more. Also, in this election season, many don't want to follow people of different political philosophies.

Solution 2: Change your practice

If you are committing violations of social media sites, change your practice to avoid being banned.

For instance, I realize I copy-pasted my blog promotion onto Facebook which landed me in Facebook Jail. Now, I don't.

Don't use third-party apps for use on Instagram. Avoid this frustration.

Solution 3: Change your mindset

As far as having to reset if you're a victim of phishing, be happy Instagram is trying to protect your account from spammers. Again, change your mindset.

Wrapping Up: How to Avoid Social Media Stress

At the time of this writing, many people unhappy with Facebook are leaving for sites like MeWe and Parler.

Facebook's own advertisers walked out on Facebook in July as did the employees for one day.

You don't have to be one of the people unhappy with Facebook or unhappy with any social media sites.

To recap:

Acceptance goes a long way in avoiding social media stress.

Change your mindset.

Realize unfollows aren't personal.

Recognize social media platforms have rules in place to help you and others.

Social media isn't going away.

If anything, more social media sites like MeWe, Huddol, and Parler seem to be starting.

You don't have to remain frustrated or avoid social media altogether.

There are many advantages to using social media you can still enjoy by changing your mindset and your social media practices.

Follow these tips to have a happier social media journey in 2021.

How to Avoid Social Media Stress


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