How Quickly Do You Sacrifice Your Freedom for the Fear in Your Mind?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Human beings are blessed with worldly – and other – specific freedoms. But fear in *your* mind – and in your mind alone – prevents you from enjoying freedoms. Making matters worse, most humans behave in similar fashion. Observing scared humans with fear in their minds behaving in similar fashion makes this mass insanity of being afraid to face fear seem:

  • normal
  • natural
  • business as usual
  • the right thing to do
  • the moral thing to do
  • the thing to do to protect other humans
  • the smart thing to do
  • the safe thing to do

OK; let's rewind for a second.

Let's imagine an imaginary scenario of some global situation where most of the 7 billion human beings on planet earth have fear in their minds. None of the 7 billion human beings received formal schooling for:

  • facing fear
  • feeling fear
  • releasing fear
  • strengthening their minds
  • mastering their minds
  • seeing through the illusion of fear
  • observing how fear is not real
  • observing how love is the only reality

Why would humans not receive such training? Any clear-thinking person who has trained themselves to face, feel and release fears routinely sees how worldly life on planet earth feasts on fear in human minds. Government, politics, big pharma, the military-industrial machine and pretty much every worldly construct with the illusion of power would dissolve and evolve into something loving, empowering, freeing and unifying if human beings were taught to face, feel and release their fears.

More fearless, clear-thinking, mentally strong people take 100% responsibility for their mind and body. Buh-bye, big pharma. Loving, peaceful people clearly see that killing other human beings does not give you freedom. Buh-bye, military complex. Unified humanity sees no one needs to govern a peaceful, prospering, harmonious, 7 billion member humanity. Buh-bye, politicians and big government; perhaps a tiny shell government exists moving forward but even that is debatable in a serene, abundance Universe.

How quickly do you sit inside of your house to avoid contact with humans because you fear death and dis-ease? How quickly do you rush to get a job because you fear starving, dying or feeling the shame of not being able to pay your bills? How fast do you blame government or politicians for your problems because you fear taking full, complete, 100% responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions and life?

Who do you outsource your power and freedom to, in the name of fear? Presidents? Big tech? Big pharma? Government? Democrats? Republicans? Each exists only because of fear in your mind. Face, feel and release the fear in your mind to render each power-less, useless and harmless.

Life becomes enslavement if you avoid facing fears because scared people give up their inherent freedom, by default. Humans who face, feel and release their intimately personal fears experience lives of freedom, fun and fulfillment, even though making these choices feels:

  • scary
  • uncomfortable
  • unpleasant

at times.

Would you rather be free and feel a little fear?

Or would you prefer to be dumb, sick, broken and enslaved by a system that exists only because of the fears you refuse to face?

Selling your freedom to avoid facing your fear is a terrible trade off.


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