How Can You See the Light if You Travel Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I largely exited a phase of my life over the past few days.

I spent months prior exploring various theories concerning government, manipulation and all that other jazz. Yep; I went down the rabbit hole. But something fascinating happened as I journeyed deeper into various dark theories. Loving, compassionate, caring beings presenting these theories reminded me and fellow folks buried deep in the rabbit hole how developing yourself spiritually is the key to liberation.

How can you see the light of love, harmony and peace if you bury yourself deeper underground in the caverns of fear, division and chaos? How can you meditate for 30 minutes daily if you spend 3 hours researching various theories and watching documentaries?

Uncovering the truth usually involves researching various theories; one uncovers the truth by peeling back the covers of untrue narratives. But how can you be a loving, caring, compassionate being who meditates, does yoga, prays and advances yourself spiritually if you spend most of your free time and energy journeying deeper down the rabbit hole of fear, chaos, division and manipulation?

My Intuitive Rule of Thumb

After spending 12 years meditating regularly and years doing various forms of yoga, I grew quite a bit spiritually. I proceeded to observe a few documentaries roughly 3-6 months ago, regarding politics, government and worldly life, in general, to expand my consciousness.

Rather than dig deeper down the rabbit hole of fear and manipulation for the next 1, 2 or 5 years, I simply adopted this rule of thumb: unless someone or some entity approaches or interacts with me from purer energies of love, openness, happiness and peace – at least somewhat akin to those “super love” moments of seeing your child or spouse for the first time, or meeting up with long, lost friends for the first time in years – the individual or group emits fear and at worst, tries to manipulate me. At best, the individual or group does not care about me because they are lost in their own suffering. I have compassion for scared folks but move out of their energy field because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Knowing that solely two emotions exist in the Universe (love or fear) makes it easy for me to see that worldly constructs are built on the energies of fear, manipulation and control. I have zero problems with this treatment because *their* fear scares them into treating me in such fashion. I have compassion for beings and entities operating mainly from fear; I do not have scorn, contempt or anger reserved for these folks. Nor do I fear human beings. Again; 12 years of meditating and years of doing yoga purges deep fears from your being.

Treat people with loving kindness by doing inner work to face, feel and release your fears. Delving deeper and deeper into fringe theories only reveals that although every being does the best they can, most live from energies of fear and use the fear to manipulate other scared beings. Observe the news. Observe politics. Observe how government operates. Is this news? Is this a surprise? Of course not.

But climbing out of the rabbit hole to:

  • meditate
  • pray from an energy of love and trust
  • do yoga
  • be of generous service to humanity
  • be compassionate
  • forgive yourself
  • forgive fellow beings

allows you to set a shining example for fellow beings. Fellow beings follow your lead, live mainly from love and then more beings live from love. Eventually, fear will go out of style. Manipulation, in-fighting and division will end. But as a planet, we will never reach this point if we resist doing the inner work to get there because we're digging deeper into theories that are tangible realities, unfolding before our very eyes, on a daily basis.

The enemy is not the other guy but the fear in your mind. The fear in your mind creates the pain that you cling to. The pain that you cling to blocks the love you could be showering on humanity right now.

Humanity needs that loving person right now.

Climb out of the rabbit hole.

See the light.

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