Do You Treat Truth Seeking as a Passing Fad or Life Pursuit?

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“Truth is for earnest seekers, not for those of idle curiosity.” ~ Babaji

Re-read that line again. Babaji is a figure shrouded in mystery. I shall let you dig deeper into your research if you want to learn more about this limitless being. He shares a truth about truth; one does not uncover the truth by lazily spending a few seconds asking for the truth, or, nudging aside a few weak fears to access the truth. Truth is for human beings who devote a significant chunk of their experience on planet earth – and other planets – accessing the recesses of their minds, rooting out fears, deconstructing the illusions created by the fears and allowing truths buried under the fears to emerge.

What is a conspiracy theory? Whether true or false – many of these theories seem to be false – a publicly debunked, generally mocked conspiracy theory conceals some truth hidden from public eyes to maintain control, manipulation and influence. How do I know this? In essence, my ego does not know this but clearing fear from my mind allowed this truth to surface before me, courtesy of basic human psychology. One person or a group of people who debunk, debase or mock a theory sometimes prove the theory is not true but always prove the person or group hides some truth they would rather you not know about.

Clearing fear by facing, feeling and releasing fear, slowly unfolded within me during 12 years of meditating, 12 years of building a business online and 9 years of circling the globe. Do you want to conquer fear? Do two of the most uncomfortable things known to the human race simultaneously; build a business from scratch while traveling the world. But I dove even deeper into fear; I meditated most days for a 12 year stretch. I also did yin yoga and Kriya yoga for 3 years and 1 year, respectively.

Estimating conservatively, I have collectively given 25,000 hours of 12 years of my life to seeking truth. I would call that earnest. 12 hour days times 12 years equals 52,000 hours. Most days, I work for 8 hours online and give 4 hours offline to meditating, doing yoga and exercising to live from love and to remove the illusion of fear from my eyes. I will halve that 52,000 number to allow for lazier days here and there and to humble myself 🙂

Meanwhile, most human beings fill their minds with such fear, pain, grief and suffering that they come across a conspiracy theory and say:

“Prove it. This guy is full of bunk, lying to make money or to be popular. Or he is crazy.”

Most humans spend 20 minutes to watch a YouTube video and 5 seconds to write a comment to “explore” a theory. Does giving 20 minutes and 5 seconds of your life sound like earning seeking or idle curiosity? Do you understand why most humans seem to be easily manipulated by the news, government and politicians? Do you see why the general public easily manipulates itself?

A tiny, tight band of human beings gave their lives to uncover the truth. A tiny, tight band of human beings give their lives to uncover the truth. Some of these people give up a worldly life to become enlightened and to teach how only love is real and how fear is an illusion. Others are honest whistle blowers who literally put their lives on the line to do the right thing in order to free humanity.

I am a mere baby; I have only spent 25,000 plus hours facing fear, blogging and living from love (mostly) and allowing truth to unfold before my eyes. But once you get a taste of reality you never turn back to the illusion. The moment you begin to even remotely understand who we are and what we are capable of, you never return to any contrary illusions about who we are and what we are capable of, taught by society.

No human being is under compulsion to seek truth. Do as you please. This journey is not for the faint of heart. But do understand that moving toward seeking truth is not one question, one theory or one YouTube video, away. Humans seem particularly adept at burying the truth under layers of lies-illusions, fueled by fear-misunderstanding, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Happy digging!

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