Do You Attack an Imagined Enemy?

by Ryan Biddulph

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People routinely attack each as some enemy. But each is an imagined enemy. The only enemy is fear in your mind because only fear in your mind frames anyone or anything as an enemy. Everyone and everything simply is. Everything and everyone behaves as it behaves. In essence. the universe is neutral. But we humans with our sickness of ego-fear sees neutral events and neutral people and neutral things through the illusion, delusion and sick-ness of ego-fear.

Look around. How does that work for humanity? How does that work for the world? Anyone who sees relatively clearly understands how every worldly problem on planet earth is rooted in the collective – or individual – fears of human beings. Humans are an off lot; we are the only sentient beings on planet earth generating, giving off and doing our best/worst to influence the world through the unnatural, man/woman made, ego level of fear.

I observed a majestic bald eagle soaring high above the Delaware River between New Jersey and Pennsylvania last week. My wife and I are spending a few weeks in the area. Anyway, the bird did not wear a facial diaper. Nor did the two foxes I saw a few days later wear facial diapers. The 100 plus Canadian geese I observe daily do not social distance.

Solely human beings have dominion on the ego-level of fear only we can create, through our minds. Animals experience instinctual, gut fear, to protect life and limb. Humans take that perfectly normal, natural, gut fear to protect life and limb and through their un-natural ego, apply it to…..EVERYTHING!

I am not kidding.

Humans apply the fears of death and discomfort to all aspects of life, across the board, until humans face, feel and conquer these fears. Fear makes an imagined enemy not real or true. Imagine feeling a level of fear natural, normal and necessary to survival, like a surge of panic experienced as a bus barrels toward you on a busy street. Panic serves you beautifully in such a scenario. Panic scares you to jump onto the sidewalk, your adrenal surge preserving life and limb.

But humans lack such awareness of self, mind and feelings that humans tend to apply the same level of panic and fear to:

  • dis-ease
  • money
  • relationships
  • business

Applying primal, instinctual levels of fear designed to safe your life from a bus or bullet to dis-ease, money, relationships and business is purely insane but since most 7 billion human beings display a similar level of insanity, most humans view being insane as being normal.

Every fear in *your* mind creates an imagined enemy. Humans can quote smart humans, numbers off charts and studies to try to prove they are not insane with ego-fear, but insane is insane. Sitting in your home to avoid facing fear in your mind is insane. But observing billions of humans doing this makes both the insanity and Olympic-level of fear-resisting seem quite normal. Insane is insane whether your ego views it as normal or abnormal.

Making enemies out of people, politicians, the major media or government also reflects madness back to us because each enemy is fueled 100% by the fear in your mind. Love is real. Fear is illusion. Believing in illusion makes you blind to love. Believing in illusion makes you see what is not there.

Admittedly, I fear human beings coming at me with guns and knives because my primal fears do their best to preserve my life from an immediate threat potentially manifesting in 1-3 seconds. But sans guns or knives, I do not fear humans because I have become largely self aware of my old habit of applying primal fear to the litany of life circumstances, as ego-driven humans tend to do.

Face your fears.

Stop creating imagined enemies.

Some humans beg to be your friends, others beg for forgiveness and the third lot secretly begs for your compassion and understanding.

We are all in this together.

But you only make this clear realization by facing, feeling and releasing your intimately personal fears.


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