Coaches Can Only Give What Coaches Have

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I have 15,000 hours of blogging experience spanning 12 years of my life. I no longer actively coach but can give quite a bit through my:

  • 126 eBooks
  • 2 blogging courses
  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • live broadcasts
  • podcasts

But forget about offering blogging tips advice only. I can give quite a bit because I have 12 year's worth of:

  • freeing choices made
  • uncomfortable choices made
  • awareness expanding experiences

to offer you here via Don's rocking blog. I am not a life coach. But I have far more life coaching experience than most life coaches solely because I did two of the most freeing, uncomfortable and challenging things simultaneously, over the prior 10 years of my life.


  • built a blogging business from scratch to become a professional blogger
  • circled the globe as a full time world traveler

Try doing either one of those things solo. Go ahead; I dare ya. 🙂 Any entrepreneur who builds a business from the ground up living in the comfort, familiarity and stability of their home, in their home town, knows how uncomfortable and challenging the journey becomes at times. Any world traveler who circles the globe for 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years knows darn well the freeing, fun but extremely uncomfortable, rapidly changing nature of travel, even with a stable source of income for accessing, becomes incredibly challenging at times.

Now try to do both highly uncomfortable, supremely challenging, but fun, freeing ventures simultaneously, for *10 years*, to see what you are REALLY made of. This is why I have endless personal development blog post ideas in my mind, for sharing here and through other blogs. I built a business while circling the globe. But throwing in 1000's of hours I meditated along with 1000's of Kriya and yin yoga hours, plus exercising (my wife and I have easily walked 11,000 plus miles over the past decade of our lives) reveals all of the freeing, fun, and sometimes highly scary things I did, to have so much experience, knowledge and wisdom that I can share insights with you, at will.

Coaches! You can literally only give what you have. Gain critical experience by:

  • engaging in a disciplined daily mindset training campaign through meditating and doing yoga
  • creating valuable, free content through your self-hosted WordPress blog
  • spending 1000's of hours following the prior 2 strategies

to the point where you can easily, seamlessly and confidently give wise, sound, clear, truthful coaching advice. Gain critical, valuable experience to share with your readers, clients and customers. Coaches who gain no experience cannot offer any tangible, genuine advice to clients past rendering basic platitudes that one can easily obtain via a free, 5 second query through Google.

Highly successful coaches have years of experience in growing, facing fear and liberating oneself to call upon to best help clients, customers and readers edge through fear, nudge through limiting beliefs and live their dreams.

Pay particularly close attention to this concept in terms of your parents, teachers and other worldly authority figures one seems to look up to and learn from, growing up. Your parents did the best job raising you as humanly possible but only gave what they had. My parents taught me to love, respect and help people. My parents also imprinted some fear-based concepts onto me because they could only give what they had, and both still had some fear-based concepts rattling around in their minds, suffered through during difficult childhood times.

I not only forgave my parents for imprinting some fear on me; I fully understand both only gave what they had. Plus I feel grateful that both imprinted a hefty dose of loving life lessons onto me.

Human beings can only give what they have.

Give more, be a bright light, impart wisdom and liberate people by gaining critically valuable experiences to call upon.

You can only give what you have. The more freeing but uncomfortable experiences you have to access, the better.

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