Beware Living in Survival and Distraction Mode

by Ryan Biddulph

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Wake up. Go to work to get a paycheck. Drive home. Watch TV. Go to bed.

Rinse, wash and repeat the cycle the following day, week, year, decade….then 4 decades. Work a job mainly to survive. Distract yourself by watching television. Or distract yourself by watching online streaming. Hey; facing your fears, clearing your mind of delusions, dissolving illusions, seeing the truth and being free are not requirements. Human beings have free will; no one is under a compulsion to liberate themselves.

But all pain, suffering, depression and forfeiture of freedom is fear in your mind you refuse to face, feel and release. Humans living in survival mode fear running out of money, food and shelter. Humans who distract themselves by watching TV and streaming video for hours daily fear facing their denial-fueled, captive, unhappy lives.

Most Americans – and humans around planet earth – live in survival and distraction mode. Observe your neighbors. Pay close attention to the general public. The biggest downside to living in survival and distraction mode is you never face, feel and release fears in your mind that make you subject to manipulation. Harboring fear in your mind allows people and entities to scare you into doing what people and entities want you to do for their benefit, power and prospering.

Observe old school marketing tactics based on scarcity, poverty and other fear-based drivers. Human beings whose minds seem dominated by fear buy things because manipulative interests use their fear against them. Limited time offers and claiming rapidly dwindling supplies tap into the gross human fear of missing out; quite the insane fear considering we live in abundance.

Check out the average home in the United States; notice the high volume of relatively useless things rarely or ever used that litter houses, apartments and other dwellings.

I have cleaned out homes requiring 3 dumpsters to dispose of largely unused things. Meanwhile, I own a laptop, Chromebook, enough clothes to cover me for a week before doing laundry, and a phone I rarely use. I am no enlightened soul. But I live to follow my passions, to have fun, to be a generous servant and to be free. I work to serve and to free myself. I do not work to survive. I do not distract myself; quite to the contrary, I spend up to 4 hours daily meditating, doing various forms of yoga and exercising. I do these things to expand my awareness, to face fear and to live from energies of love and freedom.

The upside to facing, feeling and releasing your fears – versus living to survive and to distract yourself – is to liberate yourself from the imaginary constraints that fear creates. Being free, feeling at peace and being of service to humanity are added benefits of moving out of survival-distraction mode into freedom-thriving-truth seeking mode.

The biggest price to pay involves feeling the discomfort of facing, feeling and releasing your fears to reveal truths. As always, seeing the truth feels uncomfortable at first but the freedom, peace of mind and pure liberation of living the truth sets you free in ways you cannot imagine.

Go within. Feel fears fueling you to work in order to survive. Edge deeper into fear to observe why you spend hours distracting yourself with the TV and streaming video. Something neat happens; facing, feeling and releasing fear inspires you to work a job or build a business based on your passion and TV or streaming time becomes an hour of fun or informative entertainment.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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