1 Way to Address Career Pressure

by Ryan Biddulph

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I scanned a few “life problem” type posts on Google. Career pressure came up as one such problem. People fear losing jobs. Folks fear bosses putting pressure on them. Worst of all; employees put pressure on themselves. Pressuring yourself related to your career manifests in many ways.

Such as:

  • feeling the pressure of turning down a “good job” because you hate the job
  • feeling the pressure of turning down a higher paying job that could ease family financial burdens because you hate the job
  • feeling the pressure of turning down a promotion because you fear increased responsibility, even though you would enjoy most aspects of the job

As with any fears in mind, the list could go on forever.

Career pressure is simply fear in YOUR mind you refuse to:

  • face
  • feel
  • release

Face, feel and release the fear. Pressure disappears. Pressure vanishes instantly.

The most direct way to address career-related pressure is to face, feel and release fears residing in your mind co-creating the pressure. Imagine feeling pressured to make a more profitable career change because times are tight, financially. Two kids sit in your home. A 3rd is on the way. Your wife – or husband – fears running out of money, as do you.

Fear in your mind:

  • suggests you may go broke
  • suggests your kids may go hungry and be homeless
  • suggests your husband or wife will become angry with you if you turn down the higher paying job

Lock yourself in a quiet room. Face, feel and release fears related to going broke, observing your homeless, hungry kids and being angrily criticized by your spouse. The pressure dissolves as each fear dissolves. Blessed relief arises. Peace of mind surfaces. Now, you think clearly, being unburdened by fear in your mind.

Would you enjoy the new job offering a bigger paycheck? If not, do not take the job or make the career change. Why would your spouse and kids want to deal with an angry, miserable person who resents their presence? Why would you waste years of your life for numbers on a screen? You do realize money is numbers on a screen, right? You do realize the illusory nature of money, correct?

Money is a neutral means of exchange agreed upon by human beings. Nothing more. Countless ways exist to increase this illusory means of exchange resonant with your passions via side hustles. Never trade freedom, peace of mind, happiness and abundance for illusory numbers on a screen. Humans make this insane mistake in the 100's of millions every day, suffering simply because they refuse to face, feel and release fears in their mind to both remove self-imposed pressure and to see, think and decide clearly.

Pressure Is Self-Imposed

Pressure is self-imposed. Fear in your mind creates pressure. Spouses, bosses or employers appear to pressure you via their fears-manipulations but without fear in your mind, no human being can literally pressure you into thinking, feeling or doing anything.

Observe the self-imposed nature of career pressure. Every pressurized problem is fear unaddressed in your mind. Peaceful, calm, more fearless people feel peaceful, calm and more and more fearless whether or not their spouses scream at them or not concerning turning down a job promotion. Scared, manipulative, angry, controlling bosses have no effect on employees who master their minds.

Everything depends on your willingness to face, feel and release fear in your mind. Do that and you're golden. Refuse to do it and you will cower to illusory pressure flowing to you from all directions, complements of the various fears you resist, suppress and bury deeper in your being.


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