1 Easy Way to Vet Advice

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The intent, feeling or energy behind advice 100% dictates the reason why some person, entity or governmental body offers specific advice. Beings offer advice from either love, empowerment and freedom or fear, dependency and enslavement.

One easy method exists for vetting advice: ask yourself if following the advice allows you to become:

  • free?
  • healthy?
  • independent?
  • wealthy?
  • happy?

Yes? Good; follow the advice because this advice flows to you from loving, caring, compassionate human beings. Loving advice followed allows you to be the REAL YOU, the unlimited you, the inspiring you, the true you. Follow this advice. Trust the source of the advice because the source has YOUR freedom, love, abundance and happiness at heart, in offering you the advice.

But if someone, or some government, offers advice that leads you to being:

  • bound
  • sick or riddled with dis-ease (by teaching you habits to make you sick or by the indirect but devious method of teaching you how to avoid dis-ease or sickness…..which does not work because you notice what you avoid, and where your attention and energy goes, grows)
  • dependent
  • poor
  • depressed

completely ignore the advice 100% of the time because that person or government offers advice from a fear intent based on fulfilling THEIR bests interests, with little to no regard for your interests, freedom, wealth, health and happiness.

Do people teach you how to be healthy or how to avoid being sick? Trust the person who teaches you to be healthy because if you follow their advice you will never become sick and will not need to avoid sickness! Do you realize how you have a perfectly functioning, strong immune system, pondering your human body on a worldly level? Do you realize how your thoughts and feelings are literally god-like in nature, co-creating your reality? Does your government teach you these concepts? Does your government teach you how to:

  • master your mind?
  • control your emotions?
  • build up your immune system?

through a tireless campaign beginning from kindergarten, through grade 12? Why would you government teach you to be healthy? Huge government agencies and big pharma would go out of business if human beings realized human beings are not only self-healing, but only become sick and dis-eased because few humans ever understand our god-like nature.

Pay Close Attention to Conditioning through Various Channels to See the Puzzle-Like Nature of False Programming

Why at the end of every super hero movie do we hear the lines:

“I am only human?”

Being constantly bombarded with and reminded about your illusory, body and feeble mind existence, from when you are a newborn, throughout your adult life, programs you to believe you are a limited, puny body and weak-minded dolt versus the reality of you being:

  • a soul living in a human body for a bit
  • unlimited awareness
  • pure consciousness
  • gifted with a god-like consciousness capable of choosing and directing god-like thoughts and feelings
  • a powerful, resilient, strong, flexible body

Who teaches you this stuff? Who offers this advice? Spiritual masters like Jesus, Buddha and Babaji taught these concepts. Do your parents? Do most religions drill these concepts into you? Do governments repeat these ideas over and over? Does big pharma drill into every single day via a promotional blitz to:

  • exercise for 60 minutes daily?
  • sleep for 8 hours each night?
  • eat a nutritious diet filled with fruits, veggies, lean proteins and clean carbs?
  • drink eight, 8 ounce glasses of water daily?

Of course big pharma does not offer you loving, caring, compassionate advice to be healthy, well and dis-ease free! How could they make a penny in profits if they taught everyone to be healthy? They literally NEED you to be sick and dis-eased in order to survive! Why in the heck would you trust THEIR advice?

Why would you distrust someone who teaches you to be healthy? Do you secretly hate yourself and subconsciously believe you deserve to get sick and die a violent, horrific death because no loving, caring being or group of people taught you how to master your mind, how to face your fears, how to take complete responsibility for your life and how to face, feel and release your false, illusory beliefs?

Before you trust:

  • the news
  • politicians
  • government
  • religion
  • big pharma
  • the military-industrial body
  • your parents
  • your friends
  • the general public

ask yourself:

Do these entities or people offer you advice based on you becoming:

  • free?
  • healthy?
  • independent?
  • wealthy?
  • happy?

based on following the advice?

Do I even need to wait around for an answer to that question?

Follow enlightened souls, face your fears, develop yourself by meditating, practice forgiveness and render generous service to humanity. You will be amazed at how purely liberating, freeing, wealth-creating, health-promoting advice finds you through the most odd channels when you step out of the matrix into the truth of who you really are.

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