Why Fear Enslaves Human Beings

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I sometimes envision myself explaining to folks why watching the news is a bad idea.

Most human beings harbor fear in their minds, intimately personal, based on their cosmic experiences suppressed. Fear in their mind resonates with a news narrative, causing humans to trust the news and its dangers, worries, strife, poverty and division. Each prior news-idea-narrative completely dissolves into love if you face, feel and dissolve the fear in your mind.

But being completely ignorant of the fear in mind blinds human beings from seeing how the fear vibes with a news narrative, leading to trusting the news or believing the news as a credible authority.

Newsflash; the news is fear. No sane human disagrees with this truth because we all predominantly realize how the news media uses fear to influence us, to manipulate us and to control us.

But the sneaky part about fear is how unless you are enlightened, even advanced humans committed to the path of spiritual growth trust-believe specific news items. Why? Some news items strike resonance with fears deeply recessed in their minds. As long as fear rests in your mind, parts of you remain enslaved by the fear.

I will give you a good example.


For entertainment purposes, imagine that a global sickness results in, say, the death of 0.00024285714 human beings on planet earth. Imagine if almost all of this 0.00024285714 population had pre-existing conditions like cancer, severe lung issues or diabetes, predominantly due to neglecting their health for 30, 40 or 70 years.

Fears you bury and hide in the recesses of your mind related to your aged, sick parents dying make that 0.00024285714 number scary and HUGE! This sickness is dangerous! The little fear buried in your mind enslaves you and your parents figuratively and literally. Lock them up! Lock yourself up! Avoid humans. A sickness primarily killing dying people and deeply ill people is on the loose. Perhaps your parents avoid dying for a while but death awaits. But the method used to avoid death – shying away from humanity, love, warmth, the human touch, family, joy, celebrations, generous service and pretty much everything that enriches the human experience – is a heavy price to pay.

Digging deeper, imagine if you have no fear of your aged, sick parents dying from the sickness. Life ends in death. Big deal. Natural process. You love your parents so deeply that you surrender to release them to the afterlife. Genuine love is not selfish and greedy but selfless and detached.

But goodness; you feel scared to watch your 15 year old child suffer, this fear sitting deeply buried in your mind. Watching the news reveals some cases of young, healthy kids suffering from the global sickness. Virtually every single kid recovers. Plus; all kids suffer immensely from time to time via other diseases, sickness, illness, and from mental turmoil, too.

But the fear in *your mind alone* resonating deeply with the news narrative concerning the illness scares you into locking yourself and your kid in your home. Once again; fear enslaves you and those you love. What happens if your kid contracts the sickness, suffers profoundly then recovers, like virtually all healthy kids who fall ill to the sickness? This is commonly referred to as “life”. Every young human being suffers immensely from mental or physical illness and recovers, most of the time. But fear in your mind resonant with the news narrative forces you to see the world through the pinhole of:

  • the news narrative of the global sickness
  • your fear

Mental and physical enslavement follows, solely courtesy of the fear in your mind.

Do you want to be free?

Face fears in your mind.

Do you want to be held captive?

Avoid facing fears in your mind.

You choose.

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