What People Misunderstand About Living Your Dreams

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Living your dreams is a slow, steady, gradual extending of your limits.

Most people misunderstand this. Most people believe you are sitting here now, and in a split second, can extend your limits from where you are now to the limits of a billionaire, NBA player, or established artist.

Imagine working a job now. Picture working a job solely because you fear going broke. Work to survive. Work to cover bills, food and shelter. But you dream to build a business online in order to circle the globe full time. Most people do not understand how limits in mind now cannot be extended to your dream life limits in seconds, minutes or days. Limits need to be extended over years to do fun, freeing and sometimes scary things, in order to eventually live your dreams.

I could only write 300 words in one sitting in 2008 because my 2008 limits said so. Fear invaded my mind at the 300 word limit. I did not will myself to extend my limit to 10,000 words daily in 2008 because one extends limits 1 centimeter per action, not 1 million miles per action.

I reached 400 words daily a few weeks into my blogging career through daily practice and daily limit extensions. After 7 years of daily writing practice and daily limit extensions I began writing one, 6,000 word eBook for Amazon Kindle daily for 3 months consecutively. I wrote and self-published 90 eBooks in 90 days during one of my trips to Bali.

I could not write one, 6,000 word eBook daily in 2008 because I:

  • had many fears to conquer
  • had much practice to engage in
  • had to extend my writing and mental limits a tiny amount at a time

to be the blogger who wrote an eBook daily for 3 months.

Some people believe in possessing the ability to extend your limits via a quantum leap. But fear deludes these human beings into being literally insane. Imagine being terrified to leave your job for fear of losing money, for fear of going broke and for fear of being homeless. But on observing Jeff Bezos and his $200 billion Amazon fortune, you feel a surge of excitement, hope, possibility, promise and opportunity invade your being.

You will start an online business now! You will become a millionaire then a billionaire like Bezos! But most human beings are so filled with fear-delusion that they believe they can extend the limits of a poverty conscious human who works a depressing job because they are terrified to run out of money into the limits of a millionaire or billionaire entrepreneur in days, weeks, months or years. This is being insane with fear, delusion and a complete misunderstanding from the limit extension process.

So you are terrified to NOT get paid for 1 week's worth of work for a job but a millionaire entrepreneur doesn't get paid 1 penny for 1 year's worth of work on their business? Are you mentally prepared to test your limits enough that you do not get paid 1 cent for working 1 year on your online business? How will you feel as your bills pile up? How will you feel as debt collectors begin calling with threats of lawsuits? Will you do generous, sound, trusting, poised things as you fall $10,000 into debt? NO! You won't! Your limits are not there yet, you cannot tolerate THAT level of discomfort, you will quit your business and will sprint back to working a job solely to pay bills.

Billionaires go $500 million into debt and you are terrified to spend $1000 on your credit card with a $20,000 credit limit and $10,000 in your savings account? Millionaires go bankrupt and you feel ashamed to miss one water bill?

Wake up!

You have a long way to go Young Dreaming Padawan.

Extend your limits slowly, organically and gradually.

Kick back and relax; you will be here for a while as you follow your dreams.

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