Wake Up from Your Sleep

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Imagine being asleep.

Someone awake nudges you to wake you up.

The person awake saw something. But you brush them off, telling them that since you did not see it, they must have been nuts, crazy or perhaps their imagination was running wild. After imploring them not to bother you, you fall asleep again. But the awake person sees reality; because the awake person IS awake. Sleeping you does not see reality; just dreams, illusions and appearances. However, you are so lost and entrenched in your sleeping world that you believe your illusory dreams are true and that the awake person's real truths are dreams, illusions and untrue appearances.

The awake person nudges you again. But this time you feel tired, annoyed and agitated enough that you punch the person for waking you up. Falling back to sleep and its comfortable rest, you go back to snoozing.

But you never wake up again.

Death does not visit you soon. Oh no; the sweet release waits on your doorstep for 4, 5 or 7 decades. Life passes you by. Most people seem to sleep their lives away, just like you. A few people who are awake enjoy life to its fullest and see reality, embracing its clear truths. Enjoying life to its fullest means facing deep fears in moments. But life begins well outside of your comfort zone.

Most of adult humanity has been asleep for hundreds of years if not longer. Human beings begin life awake. Babies are wide open. Babies appear to sleep physically but are energetically completely open to the world and its influences. Place a baby born in America to English speaking parents in China. The baby learns Chinese effortlessly. Babies are completely awake because babies have not yet been influenced by the illusion of fear.

The few awake adults of the world are labelled as being:

  • crazy
  • flat out bonkers
  • insane
  • conspiracy theorists
  • weird
  • odd
  • laughing stocks

by a sleeping humanity because human beings would rather not be woken from their comfortable, sound sleep. But awake people see reality while sleeping people see illusions masked as dreams.

Wow do your dreams feel pleasing. Everything feels perfect. Everything seems perfect. But seemings are illusions. Illusions are not real. Reality begins the moment you decide to wake up. Waking up involves leaving your comfort zone. Waking up involves stepping into and feeling your deepest fears.

People who have awoken eventually stop nudging you because you never decide to wake up. People can only genuine wake up through their own power. Alarm clocks appear to wake you up.

Common alarm clocks:

  • the news
  • politics
  • government

The news, politicians and government becomes arrogant, bold and manipulative enough sometimes to trigger people to wake up. This 3-headed monster REALLY wants you to sleep forever. But their overstepping rouses some sleeping people. Picture an alarm clock. A select few sleepers in the deep, paralyzing sleep of fear hear the alarm clock but most hit the snooze button. The alarm goes off 5 years later. Most hit the snooze button.

A small percentage of humanity wakes up for good.

Being awake seems scary at first. Everybody else seems to be asleep. But you begin seeing clearly. You even see the truth! Wow! Reality feels good to experience for the first time.

Fear and its illusions dissolve. The news and politics exit your human experience. Government serves its purpose to maintain worldly order but you never trouble yourself while following laws because being awake and seeing reality suggests the illusory nature of government, too.

Wake up. See reality. Hug the truth. Life is for the living. Life is freeing for people who wake up. Life is captivity for people who sleep. Life is fun, freeing and sometimes scary for people who wake up. Life is fear, hell and miserable comfort for people who sleep.

Are you asleep like most of humanity?

Or are you awake?

Wake up.

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