Kids Know What Adults Do Not Know

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I snapped the image below in Oman:

The kids below reminded me of the Omani Little Rascals. Every day, I observed the children walking to and from the store, mosque or wherever little kids wander in a remote desert region.

I even struck up a conversation with a few kids during an evening walk. One of the children spoke somewhat fluent English. I told him I was from New York City; New Jersey seemed to be a bit of a stretch of course. He translated in Arabic to his friends, gesticulating with hands to create huge buildings in the air.

We smiled, wished each other a good day and moved on.

The kids in Oman noted I appeared to be different from them, as evidenced by their polite, incessant staring. Some smiled in shy-coy fashion on seeing the white, pale ‘Amrikiin (sounds like Americani….sort of) but little ones stared, worked things out and began to process me. No deep fears invaded their minds. The little ones knew; even though I appear to be different, understanding me by observing, by staring and by processing who I was creates some sort of bond between us. Little kids do this naturally, not being poisoned with the illusions of fear and separation.

Curious children learn how the world really works because children unburdened by the deep, insanity-producing, illusion of fear see clearly. Love is real. Fear is illusion. Unfortunately, most adults do not know this because most adults become imprinted and conditioned by fear from well-meaning but lost parents and authority figures who use said fear to control, manipulate and influence kids.

Adults who exhibit greater fearlessness and more love than most adults are generally labeled as being:

  • nuts aka flat out crazy
  • lucky
  • hard working
  • “special” (as if they have sole dominion on living from love, not fear)

Little kids accept these ideas and grow up to live from the illusion of fear, versus being labeled as a nut bag, fearing they will never get lucky, shirking the discomfort of hard work and fully fearing that they will never be one of the special, selected, chosen few.

But before little kids accept these fear-based ideas, they know far more than adults in most regards because they live largely from the love of life, not from the fear of life.

Emotionally, all little kids have work to do as far as developing a sense of maturity, community, generosity and working in harmony with fellow humans. But as far as a general fearlessness, young children know all humans need to know about:

  • being open to human beings
  • being open to sentient beings
  • being open to virtually any experience

True, you and I teach toddlers not to stick their fingers in electrical outlets, to avoid stoves and to not crawl into the street but minus a select few fears we share to ensure life and limb are secured, wise adults allow small children to be as open to life as humanly possible. Allowing this quality to develop makes children far more knowledgeable than scared, closed off adults who may acquire vast amounts of intellectual knowledge but burden themselves with the illusory poison of fear.

I have observed little kids run around for the past 9 months, interacting with fellow little ones, and all types of adults, health exuding through their being for the prior 9 months. Meanwhile, many allegedly knowledgeable adults believe health is had in wearing facial diapers, hiding in their homes and standing 6 feet away from other murderous human beings harboring a deadly dis-ease.

Who KNOWS more about the science of health? The fear-less child in love with life who has not accepted the idea fellow humans can kill them with something transmitted from their body. Adults deeply impress contrasting concepts and DEEP FEARS into fellow adult minds, then the insanity parade of illusion begins.

The mind IS that powerful, folks. Poison it with fear. Rough experiences follow. Allow the seeds of love to flourish in mind. Life becomes freeing, fun and fascinating.

Little kids tend to know more than you know in terms of fearlessness, love, health, wealth and openness. Extract the poison of fear-based adult counsel. Begin observing human beings who really know.

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  • This is such an interesting topic to explore! Children have a unique perspective on the world and can often notice things that adults may overlook or take for granted. They have a natural curiosity and openness to learning that can lead to surprising insights and discoveries. As adults, it's important to listen to and learn from children, as they may have valuable insights and ideas that we wouldn't have thought of on our own.

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