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11 PM.

Another long, fun and sometimes challenging day winds down.

I blogged super slowly today. I became ultra mindful of every blogging word I wrote. Cool. But after blogging super duper slowly, I became hyper aware of one concept: I am not wired to blog in this fashion. Don't get me wrong; I enjoy taking my time and blogging somewhat slowly. But ideas tend to flow from my mind, to fingers to laptop to backoffice fairly quickly.

I am not rushing. I am not forcing things. I am not afraid. I am not hurrying. I am just wired this way.

Being wired this way does not mean I cannot change. Nor does it mean I should change. Being wired a certain way simply indicates you fulfill your human purpose during your stay on planet earth. Every one has some purpose, gift or talent to share with the world. Sometimes our purpose changes. Sometimes we seem ignorant to our purpose until life wakes us up through a dramatic event. But how we are wired is not a negative, unable to change type quality; rather, how we are wired is our purpose, our inner workings, our style, our flow, our role to fulfill.

I intended to go to bed a few moment ago. I felt a little tired. But I HAD TO write this blog post. I had to get the idea from mind to guest post or else I could not fall asleep until 7 AM tomorrow. I am not kidding. The blog post idea and content would race around in my head, causing a drum keeping me awake. I do not consider this some divine inspiration – although it could be – more than I feel a cosmic duty to help people. I feel as if I am dying if I am not giving.

I am wired that way.

Honoring my wiring ensures I go to bed feeling at peace. Not honoring my wiring ensures I sleep poorly, feel bad and allow some mental or physical pain to create suffering in my being.

Slowing down way too much for my wiring today created intense tension and muscle pain in my lower and upper back, in my neck and my right knee feels the greatest amount of pain. Lesson learned. Message received, loud and clear. The force I needed to administer to get my body to move that slowly and mindfully obviously caused some physical trauma in my body because I was not free-flowing in all I did.

Tomorrow will be a different day. I may not hurry. I certainly will not rush. But I will honor my blogging flow, letting my body behave as my wiring intends my body to behave.

Honor your wiring. Listen to your purpose. Give your body what it wants. Honor your body. Sleep in if you are a night owl. Wake early if you are an early riser. Get 8-10 hours of sleep if anything less makes you feel irritable and run down. Get less sleep if 8-10 hours of rest makes you feel sluggish, depressed and as if the day seems to be over when you arise from bed.

Everybody is different. Every person has different wiring, even if two humans appear to have the same wiring. Some humans may be wired similarly but no two people have the same exact wiring.

Honor how you are wired. Do not force yourself to be who you are not. Embrace your style. Listen to your intuition. Trust your gut. Pay close attention to your inner world; the small, still voice knows the way, always.

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