Have You Considered the Consequences of Not Facing Fear?

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I speak to people who never travel because they fear flying.

People fear flying in a steel tube 40,000 feet above terra firma. I get it. Being high up feels scary sometimes. Fearing turbulence does not feel fun. Fearing a potential crash feels scary. But after flying 130 plus times over a decade, all around the globe, flying feels like riding in a train with some turbulence, rarely. Flying is easy. Flying is simple. Flying does feel uncomfortable sometimes but have considered the consequences of not flying because you fear flying?

Imagine not enjoying the beauty of Fiji? Imagine never experiencing the pristine nature of New Zealand? How can you feel alive unless you spent a week in a jungle, whether in Costa Rica, Malaysia or Thailand? Perhaps you feel comfortable sitting in your home to watch TV. Maybe taking road trips feels safe, comfortable and reliable. But not experiencing the fun, freedom, fascination and fulfillment of circling the globe because you fear sitting in a plane traveling in the air up there robs you of an enlightening series of life experiences.

The consequences of not facing fear:

  • depression
  • anger
  • rage
  • sadness
  • loneliness
  • emptiness
  • skepticism
  • prolonged agitation
  • jealousy
  • envy

Fear attempts to rob you of your freedom. Perhaps you cling to every sane, logical reason why avoiding fear preserves you, saves you and keeps you safe. Great. Take your ego and its logic, safety and comfort to safely, comfortably crawl into the grave, the stopping of your beating heart a mere formality.

Engineering your life to avoid fear robs you of:

  • peace of mind
  • serenity
  • calmness
  • poise
  • happiness
  • wealth
  • health
  • worldly riches like money; in case you have ever found money useful while living a worldly life

Few people ponder the downsides of not facing fear because most folks are so busy defending their comfortable choices that they take no time to observe the state of sheer misery, depression and bondage that they experience, regularly.

Facing fear is no picnic but not facing fear is hell. On your death bed, do you want to celebrate working a job to pay bills while you spend most free time watching TV? No sane human enjoys a life of comfort because all love, freedom, liberation, happiness and peace of mind occurs outside of your comfort zone, your illusory fears forming the bridge you need to cross to be liberated.

Think about all you gave up, sacrificed or ignored experiencing because of fear. Picture freedom you would have now if you faced fear 10 years ago. Feel the freedom of circling the globe. Imagine assimilating into exotic cultures for weeks or months at a time. How cool would it be to attend a Balinese wedding, to laze on the beaches of Fiji or to drive through the magical South Island of New Zealand? Dealing with the fears associated with traveling here and there was worth each of these experiences I enjoyed.

Pondering what you miss energizes you to face fear. Feeling loss inspires you to gain. Dwelling on fear frees you. Make uncomfortable decisions for the freedom awaiting you on the other side of fear. Life begins after fear. Or, REAL living begins after fear. Humans need to face, feel and release fear to be genuinely alive but the super sweet stuff unfolds beyond fear because truth sits behind illusions.

Comfort is for death.

Facing fear is for those who want to genuinely be alive.

Stop trading your freedoms for depressing comfort.

Face fear.

Feel fear.

Be free.

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