Get to Know Closed Minded People Better

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“I don't like that man. I must get to know him better.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Study closed minded people in your life. Do these types annoy you? Do closed minded people agitate you? Be like Old Honest Abe. Get to know the people better. Getting to know closed minded people better always reveals fear in the narrow minded being. Fear makes you close your mind for fear of being:

  • hurt
  • rejected
  • criticized
  • judged

Closed minded people do not behave in closed minded fashion from energies of love, peace, abundance, wholeness, wisdom and happiness. Each is the realm of open minded people. Narrow minded folks close themselves to different viewpoints for deep fears residing in their being.

Do narrow minded people bother you the moment you see their closed minded ways are borne of childhood fear, pain, suffering and trauma, repressed for decades? Compassion grows through understanding. The rude, boorish, arrogant jerk becomes a frightened, repressed, angry child whose parents emotionally and physically beat them, for years. Would you be more closed-minded if your parents beat you with a strap every night for no particular reason?

Would you be narrow minded if your parents seemed to be miserable racists, religious zealots or enraged beasts fueled by alcohol and drugs? Narrow thinking people do not bother compassionate folks because fear touches us all, alerting empathetic types that the rude, boorish person is secretly terrified of life, based on past trauma long repressed.

Do your best to ignore closed minded people to keep your energy pure but avoid judging these scared, injured, emotionally-repressed human beings. I have acted in closed minded fashion in the past because I harbored deep fears during those days. Facing, feeling and releasing deep fears opened my mind to the world. I am open minded, flexible and fluid because fear does not largely prevent me from embodying these loving, poised, open concepts. But I only think and feel in this fashion because I faced and felt many deep fears over the year. Most of humanity has not the taste for uncomfortable emotions to walk a similar path.

Hey; I get it. I too feared my deepest fears. I too fear other fears. But I edge forward into fear because opening my mind to a 360 view of the world takes precedence over feeling scared sometimes.

Pay close attention to highly intelligent human beings who emit a closed-minded, narrow thinking, tunnel vision type vibe. Understand how intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence are light years apart. Acquiring vast amounts of knowledge and being hyper aware of your emotions have absolutely nothing to do with one another. Smart people often become emotional idiots. Some intellectual fools are the wisest people on earth.

Cultivate compassion for the arrogant, rude jerk who knows all there is to know because he or she is a terrified, frightened child, within. Scared people emit an arrogant, rude, all-knowing vibe as a desperate plea for the love they never received from emotionally distant, cold parents. Do you still hate these folks who act in such obnoxious, closed minded fashion because they are all but pleading for love, warmth and acceptance?

Open your mind a little bit more by getting to know closed minded people better.

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