Fear Turns Your Mind into Mush

by Ryan Biddulph

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I do not follow the news. I do not trust the news.

I am hardly intelligent but my mind is strong. But my mind is only strong because I spent – and spend – 1000s of hours training my mind as I encounter fears in my mind, all around the globe. I clearly see the news predominantly uses fear to scare you into doing certain things. I easily see this because I have a strong mind. Some have said;

the Force is strong with me.

However, during my weak-minded days, I followed the news and deeply trusted the news. Why? My weak mind filled with fear trusted people who lied to me and discredited people who told me the truth.

Forget about intelligence, folks. I am talking about emotional intelligence. Imagine a Rhodes Scholar. Visualize him being the top disease specialist on earth. He appears to be a genius; skilled, experienced and capable. His mind appears to be strong, but if I pointed a gun at his head, his mind would likely turn to mush, like every human being who does not train their minds to be strong, by facing, feeling and releasing their deepest fears.

All of his qualifications, knowledge, and helpful service to humanity completely dissolve the moment a mild or strong fear arises in his mind because fears in minds influence humans to see illusions, not reality, or truth. The issue; 10,000 to 50,000 or more seemingly tiny or huge fears build up in most minds over the decades. Even if you are intellectually super, duper smart, suppressing 50,000 fears in your mind turns your mind to mush.

Mush-minded human beings offer bad advice because they use their intellect, their gifts, their genius, to support the illusion of fear, not the realities of:

  • abundance
  • health
  • love
  • generosity
  • trust
  • wealth
  • riches

Any time a human being says something is:

  • “dangerous”
  • “unsafe”
  • “bad”

that human being displays weak-mindedness. Fear or fears in their mind turn their mind to mush. Mushy minds can only see fear and its appearances, its illusions and its….delusions. I care not how intelligent, skilled or credible you *seem* to be; if your book smarts mix with deep fears in your mind, you will make foolish, idiotic, unclear decisions, based on your weak-mindedness, your fears and your detachment from reality.

I find training my mind to be strong completely freeing, liberating and a tad bit enlightening. Seeing truth feels good. Seeing truth brings peace of mind. But the experience also feels maddening, terrifying and horrifying because like all non-enlightened human beings, I have harbored more than a few fears over my short 45 years on planet earth, having a human experience.

But if you put the gun to my head, I may show some fear but I will largely think clearly because I faced, felt and released my fear of death (mostly) a few times during my 10 year world tour.


  • facing a spitting cobra
  • sitting in a cage with three 400 pound tigers
  • nearly dying from dehydration after not eating or drinking for 10 days in a tropical climate
  • spending 6 weeks in a jungle hut 3 hours away from the next human being, said jungle being home to venomous snakes, bullet ants and poison dart frogs
  • calmly removing (without killing, because we kill what we fear but we release what we love-respect-honor) an 8-inch centipede, a bird-eating tarantula and a 6-inch scorpion from one jungle dwelling

Each experience forced me to face the fears of death, dis-ease, illness (mental and physical) head on. I had no choice; I had to develop a muscular mind in order to survive.

Do you kinda see why I am not huddling in the house these days or putting my absolute faith in a 1 cent diaper affixed to my face? I am not afraid because I see clearly. The world is not dangerous or unsafe, but the vast majority of 7 billion, weak-minded human beings make it *seem to*, *appear to be* that way. Of course, seeming's and appearances are illusions based on fear and as we know by now; fear is not real. Only love is real.

Any one can turn a mush mind into a muscular mind but only if you begin to explore the deepest, most intimate fears in YOUR mind. What we see going on in the world just *is*, a steady flow of neutral events. The thoughts and feelings in your mind add coloring, flavoring the circumstances through your judgement.

Strong-minded people see light, love, health and wealth in abundance. Weak-minded people see darkness, fear, dis-ease and poverty.

You choose what to see based on your willingness to face your fears and to develop a powerful, muscular, clear-thinking mind.

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Ryan Biddulph

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