Do You Fear Not Being Professional Enough?

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I wear T-shirts, shorts and one pair of sweatpants.

But I have only worn T-shirts, sweat shirts and shorts recently, even during colder temperatures. I type words. I engage people on social media. I sell my eBooks. My blog theme is custom; most deem the theme professional-looking. But honestly guys; most of what I do online is not deemed as being highly professional by most bloggers. I give off a casual vibe, if that.

However, I largely love and accept myself. This is rare. Most people reject themselves. Since I love and accept myself, I feel like I am enough. Feeling like I am enough means I do not fear not being professional enough.

Largely non-professional me has experienced some blogging success. I circled the globe for a decade as a pro blogger, living in places like Fiji, Bali and New Zealand for months at a time. How? I developed my skills, gained credibility, increased my exposure, lived my dreams and feel largely clear and confident.

But many entrepreneurs – and employees – fear not being professional enough in their chosen field or niche. People fear not being enough, as individuals. Said fear of not being enough reflects back to them as the fear of not being professional, in various aspects of their blogging campaign or field of employment.

Let me clue you in on a little secret; being professional is an illusion. Ultimately, living your dreams comes down to your:

  • confidence
  • clarity
  • skills
  • practice
  • desire
  • willingness to edge into fear
  • willingness to follow your love

At a bare minimum, you probably want to be professional based on certain aspects of your job or business. For example, bloggers should buy their domain and hosting to emit a professional, trusted vibe. Free blogs look unprofessional. Prospective employees interviewing at a law firm should dress formally to convey a professional presentation. Showing up in ripped jeans and a ratty T-shirt looks unprofessional.

But know the difference between maintaining a few professional trust signals versus crippling yourself with fears, doubts, worries and anxieties that you and your presentation are not professional enough.

I have never worn a shirt and tie to blog but I have been featured on Forbes and Entrepreneur. Hundreds of millions of *serious* employees and entrepreneurs who don suits, shirts and ties around the world may “look” the part but will never sniff a feature on either iconic site; little old me in T-shirt and shorts spends virtually no time trying to impress people and virtually all time generously serving people and honing my skills over 15000 hours.

Contributors from Forbes and Entrepreneur pitched me. Neither asked me how I looked in a suit, nor judged me on the firmness of my handshake. Both saw a guy with enough skills and exposure to warrant a pitch; I took them up on their offer because it was worth my time. I may not be overly professional but I do have posture.

Success is generous service, self-acceptance and confidence. Check a few minimum professional trust signal boxes, then be done with appearances, illusions and all that other surface stuff.

Give virtually all of your time and energy to following your passion, helping people and developing your mindset to the point where you love and accept yourself.

Be less concerned with window-dressing save the bare necessities and more concerned with how the house is built and what's inside.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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