Do You Disrupt or Fit In?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I may be seen as a bit of a trouble maker.

I agree with an unconventional line of thinking. My views on politics, the news or government ruffles some feathers. I disrupt. I do not fit in. I never intend to disrupt. I crave zero attention. I could care less about being popular, gaining status or impressing people. I own a carry-on, 1 week's change of clothing, a laptop, Chromebook, phone and a pair of sneakers. Does that sound like someone who wants to impress people? Does that sound like someone who wants to be noticed?

I own no home. I own no car. I definitely do not fit in. Nor do I want to fit in. Why in the goodness would a human being live life primarily to fit in? Why be like everyone else? Where is the fun in fitting in? Where is the peace of mind in carrying the tension of self-consciousness, the fear of criticism and the terror of rejection?

I disrupt not by intent but as the by-product of following my heart, of trusting my gut and in allowing my intuition to guide me. I see the news, politics and government as not being what it appears to be. In essence, none of what you see from each entity is real.

What?! Are you kidding me?! You may think these things, in response to what I just wrote. But because you want to fit in (trusting most people around you), you implicitly trust the mainstream media, politicians and government because you believe each entity has your best interests at heart. Believing these ideas indicates you just do what most other people do, solely to fit in, to follow, to conform and to live your life inside of the box.

For most being humans, being buried in a coffin becomes a mere tangible formality; humanity generally lives most of its life inside of a box. Metaphor becomes physical. Fit in, during your living, breathing days. Fit in to your coffin after you leave your mortal coil.

Do you see how I disrupt? I do not want to wake you or shake you. Everything is on you. Take or leave my advice; neither makes any difference to me because I intend to empower anyone with open eyes and open ears. But agitated types tend to frame me as a disruptor because I shake up their thoughts and wake them up, metaphorically. What happens when you wake someone from a sound sleep? Most humans become highly agitated, outright angry or at least upset. Ditto for human beings who seem to be woken up metaphorically; the sleep disruption causes agitation, anger or at least a general feeling of being upset.

I have been in the shoes of folks waking up metaphorically, feeling angry, upset and flat out cranky. I know how it feels to have my sleep disrupted. But I also know how it feels to fit in, to sleep, to not want to be bothered, and the absolute misery, depression and imprisoned existence one lives by engineering their entire life just to fit in.

This is why I write posts like this post.

This is why I disrupt.

Stop trying to fit in.

Shake things up a little bit.

Even if you do not really mean to do so.

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