Are You Addicted to the Fight or Freedom?

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I read recently how a political-themed website saw its explosive growth stall after a meteoric rise.

People speculate how since the site is dominated by one political line of thinking that the lack of opposing view points turned off people who want a good debate.

I shall dig deeper.

A hefty group of political junkies both conservative and liberal do not care about freedom as much as they are addicted to a good fight.

Putting political views aside, ponder a grown, sane adult spending hour after hour fighting with humans clinging to opposing viewpoints. Name calling often ensues. Imagine a 55 year old walking up to a 60 year old in the grocery store and cursing out the elder because he prefers chocolate ice cream, while the 55 year old enjoys vanilla ice cream.

If this scenario sounds like the ravings of an insane person, replace the ice creams with the two dominant political parties. Do you see how many political junkies are not into politics or freedom? Can you see how a decent chunk of politics fans are fight fans?

The split second a peaceful debate turns into name-calling, anger, mockery and rage, any idea of freedom instantly dissolves into a fight. Fight is fear. Fear is an illusion. Buying into illusions consumes your freedom.

What Fights Do You Need to Surrender?

I fought with my email inbox for well over a decade. Me versus my emails. I created an internal fight between myself and my blogging business. Harsh judgements ensued. I based my blogging campaign on the volume and type of emails I received.

I became incredibly disgusted with myself and my imagined fight. Checking email infrequently put the fight behind me. I did not even wave the white flag. I noted the fight never existed until I created the combat. Peace of mind reigned supreme because the email fight dissolved into harmony, peace, greater service and increased blogging happiness.

Observe fights you pick, instigate or lengthen through your petty ego pinings. Political topics often breed fighters. Ditto for religious topics. Oddly enough, sports topics spur fights too. My team is better than your team. But the debate turns into an all out cyber brawl as grown adults spend hours name-calling, mocking, teasing and wasting months, sacrificing their freedom in the process.

Fighters Sacrifice Freedom

Insane human beings conditioned you to believe; freedom is achieved through fighting.


Freedom is achieved within, by mastering your inner world. Freedom is never attached in the without, in the outside world.

Fighting enslaves you to fear. People fight because they fear something or someone. Defeating the something or something is an illusion because the fear of losing freedom or being attacked still resides in the mind of the attacker. The threat appears to vanish but in reality: 2, 5 or 10 more people take up the cause for the people you defeated. Plus you are still afraid of an imagined threat because you never addressed the fear fueling your urge to fight. The warring cycle continues until you face fear in your mind, feel it and release it.

Freedom is had only in facing your fears, feeling your fears, clearing your fears and living in harmony with humanity. Clearing intimately personal fears frees you to feel:

  • relaxed
  • poised
  • at peace
  • happy
  • generous
  • trusting
  • knowing

But letting go a sick addiction with fighting is the first step toward freedom.

Forgive people. Let people go. Face fear. Fear fuels fighting. I cleared big fights over the years. I continue to clear fights by letting go what and who I oppose in order to be with people who vibe with me. I freely engage folks offering different viewpoints from loving, harmonious energies; no fights there. I forgive and release everyone else who comes to me swinging.

Let go fear.

Stop fighting.

Be free.

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