2020: Blame Your Fears Not the Year

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Hey; don't kill the messenger.

I hate to break it to you. 2020 was not a bad year. 2020 is just 2020. 2020 is a number on a calendar. Numbers on calendars are completely independent of anything and everything. Calendars are neutral. 2020 is neutral. No good or bad thing happened during this calendar year. All just is. Everything simply is.

But one key factor influenced the year of 2020: fear in your mind. Fear in your mind scared you because you buried the fear for a little or a long time. But a series of global events unfolded during days humans label occurring in the year 2020. Some famous people passed on; per every year, since humans existed. Some sickness ensued; per, forever. Politicians did as politicians do. Government did as government does. Everything happening this year happened in the past in some way, shape or form but the events unfolding in 2020 triggered fears in minds long buried, resisted and dormant.

2020 Appeared to Trigger Deep Fears

Dis-ease triggered fears of sickness and death, loss of worldly freedoms and other related fears. Do not blame 2020 or dis-ease for fear in your mind. Fear in your mind is fear in your mind. Fear in your mind labels 2020 as being:

  • nightmarish
  • dangerous
  • hellish
  • worrisome
  • depressing
  • horrible
  • terrible

Face the fears, feel the fears and release the fears. What happens? Every idea on the bullet point list dissolves quickly. Removing fear from your mind makes now:

  • dreamy
  • safe
  • loving
  • peaceful
  • serene
  • lovely
  • fabulous

as you see through the illusion of mass fear.

The perceiver creates the experience. Humans see the world through their mind filter. Most humans seem ignorant of this truth, bury fears and see the world through fear-filters, courtesy of their intimately personal thoughts and feelings. Either face, feel and clear fear to see a wonderful now or resist fears, blame calendars, years, numbers and time for all fears you refuse to face, feel and release in your mind.

How you frame life is how you choose to see life. How you choose to see life depends on the predominant vibe in your mind. Vibe with love to see possibility, wealth, abundance, promise and peace. Vibe with fear to experience scarcity, poverty, loss and chaos. Everything depends on you.

Never blame time for problems. Problems are fear in your mind. 2020 blessed me because I care less about the illusion of time, years, calendars and all that jazz. I pay close attention to my inner world to feel and release fears in order to frame the world through a loving, caring, abundant mind-lens.

Everything depends on you. Everything depends on your willingness to own fear in your mind, to be free of the habit of blaming people, places, events or calendars for your perspective, your problems and your nightmarish take on the world.

2020 triggered fear in minds through a few global events. A huge collection of scared people clinging to fear in their minds co-created the agonizing year. A few fearless, and fear-diving individuals saw through the illusion to live a placid, peaceful, abundant year of health, wellness and serenity of mind.

Join this peaceful lot. Face fear. Release fear. Clear fear from your mind.

Blame your fears. Not the year.

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