2 Words Proving Your Doubt

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“I disagree.”

Kind people doubt.

Compassionate people doubt.

Knowledgeable people doubt.

Humans intending to help, doubt.

A healthy debate is simply two self-doubting human beings who disagree with themselves trying to find clarity, confidence and self-agreement, via the vehicle of debate.

Doubting yourself or others carries a negative connotation. People believe doubting is:

  • bad
  • wrong
  • injurious
  • nasty
  • rude

or toss in any one of a hundred other judgmental, lower energy qualities. Doubting simply proves you lack clarity and confidence in your viewpoints.

Debates are often healthy exchanges. Opening dialog allows humans to discuss issues. Disagreeing provides people with channels through which folks air grievances and come to a deeper understanding of self, leading to a deeper understanding of other human beings.

But no matter how you frame disagreeing, the act proves you doubt your viewpoint. Good or bad, it matters not. But reaching an advanced, hyper aware, incredibly open mind, emanating with peace, poise, balance and self-awareness, involves accepting the truth that disagreeing with other human beings is disagreeing with yourself.

Ice Cream Example

I am clear on preferring chocolate ice cream over every other flavor of ice cream.

Imagine if someone prefers vanilla over chocolate. Since I am clear and confident on my viewpoint, I do not disagree with their viewpoint. Would I comment on their latest update on Facebook proclaiming vanilla tastes terrible because chocolate is the best? No. I feel clear and confident on my choice. I agree with myself, my choice, my decision. I cannot disagree with you because I do not disagree with myself.

But replace ice cream choices with political or religious choices and apply the same concept with humanity as the scale. One claims to be a staunch Democrat but spends hours disagreeing with Republicans (Human doubting THEIR choice of being a Democrat). Hmmmm…….One professes to deeply believe in their conservative viewpoints but routinely disagrees with liberals (Human doubting THEIR choice of being a conservative). Hmmmm…..Forget about religion. “My God is better than your God” debates reflect large collections of human beings who lack clarity, confidence and deep knowing of their religious viewpoints, perspectives and choices.

Disagreeing with other human beings reflects 100% of the time a deep or lesser doubt in your viewpoint regarding the specific topic.

Disagreements prove self-doubts harbored by the disagreeing party.

Clear, confident human beings who agree with themselves, their beliefs, their viewpoints and their perspectives from energies of clarity and knowing literally NEVER disagree with another human being on any topic within these channels of agreement and clarity. Why? Humans who agree with themselves cannot disagree with other human beings.

I cannot remember the last time I published a blog comment leading off with the words:

“I disagree….”

because I agree with my blogging strategies. I feel clear on my blogging campaign. I agree with my blogging school of thought. What happens if someone posts a 1 star review in response to one of my 120 eBooks? I pay their lack of clarity, their doubt and their disagreement with self no mind because their self-doubt has nothing to do with my clarity, confidence, knowing and agreement with myself.

Guys; I told you this is an advanced perspective. I am not kidding! Most humans you encounter:

  • debate
  • disagree
  • fight critics
  • insult critics
  • feel bad about being criticized
  • feel bad about receiving negative reviews

because most humans doubt themselves, disagree with themselves and lack clarity. Reacting to self-doubt via the bullet point snap responses seems natural, normal and accepted by human beings who do not agree with self. I certainly have some doubts and disagreements with self to continue addressing; I live a worldly life, not being enlightened. But blogging at least has proven to be a clear, confident, knowing aspect of my life revealing I simply do not disagree with bloggers because I do not doubt myself.

Feel free to disagree with anyone.

But know how your self-doubts fuel the disagreements 100% of the time.

Debating, disagreeing or deliberating is not good or bad but always reveals your fears and self-doubts back to you because if you agreed with yourself you would never have opened your mouth in the first place.

Master this concept to dissolve almost every single problem in your life quickly.

Ignore it to doubt yourself, to engage in all types of debates, disagreements, fights, arguments or more civil, polite, genuine discussions between compassionate, kind human beings.

At the end of the day, disagreement is self-doubt, no matter how you paint it.

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