1 Key Point About Living Your Dreams

by Ryan Biddulph

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Roughly 10 years ago, me and my wife decided to circle the globe as pro bloggers. We dreamed that dream.

After dreaming the dream we took steps to live the dream. Taking the steps felt fun and freeing sometimes and highly uncomfortable sometimes. We slammed into obstacles. We experienced some awesome wins.

Eventually, we booked a place in Bali, purchased plane tickets and never looked back. 10 years later, we are full time digital nomads.

Do you want to know the key point to us living our dream?

We dreamed our dream in the first place!

Most human beings do not even get far enough to put their dream on the backburner. Most people never dream their dreams. People seem too busy to dream dreams. Work calls. Family life calls. Bills need to be paid. Reality intervenes.

At the end of a stressful work week, the weekend flies by in a blur. Next week gets busier at work. Next weekend flies by even quicker. The holidays arrive. One more year has passed you by; November to New Year's feels like 5 days. Where does time go?

Perhaps you consider setting New Year's Resolutions. Maybe you follow a few for roughly 2 weeks. But you need to sleep in; exhaustion overcomes your body, as bodily fatigue from exercise feels alien to you, pushing you eons beyond your comfort zone.

After quitting the gym you feel depressed. 3 weeks into January you begin binge eating and drinking again. Toss in a few smokes on the weekend. Your health declines. What happened? Why you? Like most people, you see yourself as a victim but you simply live your human experience based on your intimately personal choices emitting your intimately personal energy.

Wait a second….you still haven't even dreamed your life dreams!!! What?!?!?

Setting a New Year's Resolution to lose 30 pounds, to stop drinking and to stop smoking is not a life dream. Each intent reflects back to you the blanket decision to live a natural, functioning, healthy, fit life. Taking care of your body is not a dream but a duty. Your life dream with your limited time on planet earth will vary from person to person but involves:

  • unlimited fun
  • unlimited freedom
  • generosity
  • service to humanity in some way, shape or form

Never become so busy just trying to survive that you do not give yourself 1 hour TODAY to begin mapping out your dream life. You need to dream to actually have a dream life to move towards because you go where you intend to go. I dreamed of circling the globe a decade ago to make a conscious, clear choice guiding me along that path.

Now it's your turn. The most important step to take to live your dreams is to have a dream by dreaming your dream. Most people never take this step because most people live to survive. Most people fill their lives and minds with core survival needs:

  • get any job to get money and health benefits
  • buy a home
  • start a family
  • pay bills

If working any job to buy a home and pay bills is your most spectacularly fun, freeing, liberating dream life, go for it. But I have yet to meet the human being whose most fun, freeing life is to work any job to get money to survive because doing things mainly from fear blocks you from choosing your dream.

Dream your dream life today.


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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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