1 Important Piece of Advice About Receiving Advice

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I am hardly as altruistic as the Buddha.

I certainly am not lost in love, like Jesus Christ.

But I embody a “take it or leave it” approach with my blog content, my 120 plus eBooks, my courses, my videos, my podcasts, my audio books and my paperbacks. I need nothing from you. Either take my content or leave my content. I write to help people. But I have no control over people.

I do not manipulate people with dishonest tactics. I do not use fear to scare people into making impulse purchases. My prime intent: help human beings. What you do with the help – or whether you ignore it – is on you.

Oddly enough, most humans feel uncomfortable at first in dealing with me. Dealing with a blogger who cares about you and your needs before their profits feels alien in the blogging tips niche, with all of its manipulative, fear-based, tactics, designed to benefit bloggers by scaring readers into boosting sales.


Advice About Advice

….before trusting advice from anyone like:

  • parents
  • siblings
  • politicians
  • government
  • news media

pay close attention to individual or collective motives. Parents love kids. But in many cases, parent fears cloud their advice. Parents often offer advice from selfish motives benefitting parents but hurting kids, because the parent thinks of self and fears, primarily. God bless my mother in law; she passed back in May of 2020. I know she never got onboard with her kid's (she saw me as her son) life of travel. She eventually accepted our ways begrudgingly but always steered us back home at any opportunity for her fear we were in unsafe climates. (We never were.)

As for siblings, jealously often festers for decades. I know a 94 year old and 89 year old sister pair who still does not get along. What advice do jealous sisters and brothers offer to each other? Maybe, jealousy pushed aside, solid advice. But bad advice flows from the mouths of jealous siblings much of the time. Perhaps you need to stick it to big sis for her maltreatment of you for decades.

As for politicians, government and major media:

  • every ounce of a politician's power resides in the votes of people who put them in office; pure-minded types are altruistic but when fear enters the fray, loss of power clouds decisions and manipulation to keep power begins (think long and hard about this statement)
  • the power of government is in governing and controlling you; that's the very definition of government, if you look it up
  • major media uses fear to scare people into watching, save the light, 30 second, special interest story at the end of the show; even negative nellies want you to have some hope, right?

Please review the bullet point list: do you honestly, genuinely, believe the three headed entity wielding such worldly control and absolute power over your worldly life offers clear, compassionate, truthful, uplifting, empowering advice to free you, to liberate you, to increase your health, your wealth, your wellness and your overall happiness?

Politicians do some good. Some have good intentions. Government serves its purpose in fulfilling needs of the people. The news shines light on pressing issues sometimes.

But is their advice for YOU to primarily benefit or for THEM to primarily benefit?

That is the most critical question to ask about advice: do individuals or collectives offer advice for their best interests, their good, and their benefit? Or do people or groups offer advice for your best interests, for your good, for your benefit?

Both parties tend to always benefit in some way, shape or form but pay close attention to the balance of benefits. Vet every single piece of advice you receive. Does it primarily help you by freeing you? Or does it give people or groups greater power over you for their selfish, manipulative interests?

Hey….like I said….take or leave my advice.

I want nothing from you because I clearly cannot control you or manipulate you, nor would it be ethical to do so.

Can you say the same thing about every person and group on that list above?

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