Why Gain Valuable Life Experience Now?

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Life becomes easier and easier, more freeing and flat out fun down the road if you gain valuable life experience now.

Today I easily fastened a choke collar onto a pulling dog securely, in 5 seconds. But I only had this seamless experience because a few years ago I erred in collaring a 100 pound Rottweiler that broke free in a neighborhood filled with traffic and dogs.

Fear and panic set in along with a strong urge to learn how to secure choke collars properly. Lesson learned from valuable life experience.

One of my buddies wished to buy one of my 120 plus eBooks on Amazon a few moments ago. She noted the link I sent her registered as not being available for sale. Valuable life experience taught me how this almost always means the United States Amazon link did not forward to the Amazon link for the customer's home country. I know she splits time between two countries outside of the US so I wound up sending her both links to make the purchase and enjoy my eBook.

I seamlessly glide through most life experiences because I gained a rich array of valuable life experiences during my prior decade of:

  • traveling the world
  • building my business
  • engaging in energetic training

Gain valuable experience. Make life easier and easier.

Not Gaining Valuable Experience Makes Life Depressing and Difficult

Imagine working a job solely to pay your bills. Get home from work. Turn on the TV. Eat dinner. Go to bed after 4 hours of the boob tube. Perhaps you gain job experience and TV watching experience but how will you ever gain valuable life experience to be:

  • free?
  • happy?
  • liberated?
  • peaceful?
  • confident?
  • clear?
  • serene?

if most of the experience you gain is:

  • working a job mainly to survive?
  • sitting on a couch?
  • watching TV?
  • eating meals?

Life is for the living!

Get out in the world. Leave your comfort zone. Fear awaits you but so does freedom. I feel uncomfortable routinely because I have circled the globe for 10 years while building my blogging business. But I have fun most of the time and feel largely free from the fear-chains enslaving most of humanity. Being free, calm and serene through most of life is worth the discomfort of gaining valuable life experience.

Big Downside

The downside of not gaining life experience outside of surviving and being comfortable is being tossed around on a sea of circumstance. Life appears to beat up people who desperately try to remain within their comfort zones because when life throws you a curve ball, everything goes to custard and you become paralyzed by fear, humiliated by your shame and embarrassed at how ill-equipped you are to coast gracefully through the world no matter what happens.

Life becomes tougher and tougher, more difficult and you will eventually become mentally and physically sick as you cower to your fears, not growing, regressing and pretty much mailing it in, life-wise.

Life is for the living. Gain valuable life experience by following your fun and freedom smack dab into your fears.

You'll thank yourself later.

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