Who Do You Follow and Friend on Social Media?

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I spent the past week unfollowing 1000's of people through Twitter and Instagram. I also unfriended some folks on Facebook.


I do not follow or friend FEAR.





I have built strong bonds with friends who found fears triggered during recent events. I still follow these rocking folks because I:

  • trust their full body of work
  • appreciate their predominant love
  • believe in them
  • know that their fear is a temporary lapse

This is the beauty of love, generosity, kindness, time, loyalty and commitment. Human beings may suffer from lapses of fear but if said humans bonded through a predominant bond of love, respect and kindness, over a long time, fear lapses tend to be brushed aside in virtually every case.

But if someone fills their mind with the illusion of fear and projects this illusion and have yet to show me love, I simply unfollow or unfriend them because I do not intend to follow an illusion, a ghost, something not real.

Never Personal

I care for scared people but do not follow their advice. Do you get my drift?

I have compassion for scared people but never built a solid, trusting, fun, freeing bond on the foundation of fear. Thousands of folks I followed on social media offered some promise, some value and perhaps a little bit of love to inspire me to follow them. But once the fear spigot REALLY opened up, I empathetically understand how scared they are but why would I follow them and their fear?

Why would you surround yourself with scared, angry people on social media unless you wish to be scared and angry? We all have 1-2 chances to make a first-second impression. Carefully assessing why you follow people on social simply gives you glimpses into how your mind operates now.

Perhaps you followed people less mindfully and more carelessly in the past. Being clearer now, realizing the precious nature of time, you realize only following wise, balanced, poised, loving, peaceful people brings harmony into your life. As you grow, evolve and morph into greater love and peace you simply stop following people you resonated with during more scared, chaotic points of your life.

Never follow someone out of:

  • guilt
  • greed
  • a false sense of loyalty to a relationship no longer vibing with you

because all people no longer resonant with you form a collective energetic anchor, holding you back.

I followed thousands of people on Twitter during more scared, chaotic, less clear years of my life. Recent events allowed me to clear energetic shop as I've mass unfollowed thousands.

But my unfollows were never personal. These people were decent human beings but I just feel bad being around fear, pain and rage routinely shared via Tweets, Facebook updates and Instagram updates. It is not about the person; it is about the feeling. Unfortunately, unfollowing the person is the only way to remove the fear-pain-rage-revenge feeling from my feed.

Let go fear.

Let in love.

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