What and Who Needs to Go?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I have unfollowed 13,000 tweeters on Twitter over the past 6 days.


I value:

  • love
  • inspiration
  • harmony
  • peace
  • blogging tips
  • travel tips

Lacking clarity for years, I followed people because people had a pulse. I followed anyone and everyone because the chaos in my mind dictated I do so. I own that fear. I own making the mistake of mass following people. But I also chose to own how unfollowing everyone save 20-40 people I:

  • respect
  • admire
  • see as leaders
  • engage via @replies routinely

removes what and who needs to go to bring me increased peace of mind, calm, power, love and serenity.

What needs to go? Twitter stream content not aligned with my vision.

Who needs to go? Human beings who tweet Twitter stream content not aligned with my vision.

I believe the people are kind, nice and pleasant in most regards. But some are afraid and project anger through tweets while others tweet content outside of my niche and values. I unfollow the content but need to unfollow Twitter profiles – aka people – to release what and who needs to go.

100% of the time, no unfollow is a personal affront to any individual. Truly, it's nothing personal. I simply put my freedom, love, fun, happiness and peace of mind first in all I do online and offline….at least these days, I do.


How about you? What needs to go for you to feel free, happy and serene? List your daily rituals. Perhaps trashing the coffee, bagel and news morning ritual and replacing with 2 glasses of water, meditating and doing yoga influences you to be free, happy and serene.

The news and newshounds need to go if you want freedom because the news and newshounds confine you with fear, separation, attachment and other illusions that simply are not real. Releasing the news habit and newshounds from your experience may feel uncomfortable because you fear missing out, you fear being uninformed and you fear not knowing the opinions of a few people, trickled down through major media.

Guess what?

If you believe the opinions of a few humans with the illusion of worldly power forms the truth of life and you fear missing out on their opinions, your mind is so filled with fear, pain, suffering and illusion that this is only the first step to take to be liberated. The news is a snooze because it manipulates human beings not awake to their true, unlimited, unbound nature.

Let go what and who appears to hold you back. Move forward with a lighter energetic burden.

Who and What?

Build a list of who and what needs to go:

  • scared friends
  • the news
  • newshounds
  • negative nellies
  • hours of TV nightly
  • hours of streaming nightly
  • hours of social media nightly
  • hours of staring at your phone daily

Releasing these people and habits makes room for loving, freeing people and habits to move into your experience. Following new, freeing habits and connecting with loving, truthful people feels uncomfortable at first but suffering some discomfort is well worth positioning yourself to live a fun, freeing, loving, peaceful life.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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