Life: Secret or Open Book?

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Some people deeply fear sharing their secrets.

People tend to deeply fear feeling vulnerable, fallible and flat out human.

But the opposing individual also suffers from fears.

Even enlightened beings are not open books because some secrets are best discovered through your own journey, not by a guru sharing all of their powers in promiscuous, careless fashion.

I share how I do Kriya yoga daily. I advise you to do Kriya yoga daily. Most people read these words and do no further research for one of a million reasons. Others do some research and decide to pass. A select few learn more and begin doing Kriya yoga but report that “it's too intense,” and quit.

A rare bird does Kriya yoga for thousands of hours over years, reaping immense benefits from seeing themselves as they really are, much of the time.

The rarest of the rare become Kriya masters, being in the world but not of the world.

Secret or Open Book?

I am a bit of an open book because I share many aspects of my personal life to be credible, transparent and to help you. For example; I share how I do Kriya yoga and advise you to do Kriya yoga.

But beyond sharing this, I will never share intimate secrets about both my journey with Kriya – and my discoveries – nor will I publicly share the feats of enlightened Kriya masters because carelessly divulging the powers inherent in this intense but cleansing practice advertises something for the general public, and the general public has not the eyes to see nor the ears to hear such truths.

Let your internal guide dictate what you, individually, keep secret or share with the world. Everyone knows secrets that need to be kept secret because some experiences need to be intimate, personal and for your eyes only. Sharing everything leads to a sense of insanity because you literally begin to live based on the fears, desires and hunger of other human beings, losing the harmonious, balanced sense of intimacy that anchors you in a turbulent world.

On the flip side, keeping everything a secret by sharing nothing with the world makes you equally insane because the thoughts and feelings bottled up within and the personal gifts you fear sharing with the world promote your mental and physical illness.

Some Share More and Some Less

I share quite a bit from my life but also hold secrets close to my heart because most human beings simply are not prepared to be open to, to receive, to process and to understand what I have to share.

I also know some experiences are for me to personally, intimately learn from, not from selfish, ego drivers but from the knowledge that people need to discover and embrace like experiences on their own.

But I have erred on the side of sharing what I feared to share in the past, to empower, to uplift and to support individuals. Sharing my personal Sasquatch encounter, delving into the matrix and recounting bizarre experiences from a recent trip through southern New York state allow me to show you: the world is not what it seems.

Being an open book in these regards liberates us from illusions created by less than savory forces, concerning each of the topics I mention above. I may delve into the true nature of Sasquatch but if most human beings are so blinded with the poison of fear, closed-mindedness and skepticism, that they cannot accept the idea and believe a huge, hairy being similar to humans but far smarter than us, could largely go undetected in the billions of acres of forests on earth, why even bother?

First, see what's in front of your eyes. Then I can show you what sits 1 mile away from you.

Share some secrets and hold others tight to the vest.

Find your sense of balance between the two to promote your peace of mind and to empower humanity.

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