How To Be Motivated All The Time During Study

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Studying (something) is one of the most important tasks in our life. We actually follow the “eat sleep and repeat” routine.

Some peoples make it interesting to study, while others make it a burden. The fact is, most people make study a burden and that's why they feel demotivated all the time while studying.

I have suffered all the pain of study. Even I was a very weak student during school, and when one of my friends saw my situation, she told me to follow some strategies.

These strategies help me to score more than 90% in the final year of my schooling.

So, I thought, these secret strategies also can help many who have a query about “How you can stay motivated all the time during your study.”


You cannot force yourself to study! Even if you force yourself to do that, you neither can truly understand the material you learn nor study for a longer quality time!

So what can you do now??

Short Answer: Learn to enjoy studying 🙂

First, I want to point out one thing. Seeking motivation without being interested in something gives you no productive outcome.

So let's first talk about how you can get interested in education!

Regarding education, it's not what we see in school buildings, grades, etc. There is a lot more to it than that. Education is simply learning or acquiring knowledge, skills, etc.

It's just learning something new. Please don't tell yourself these false statements about yourself that you have no interest in education. It's human nature. Everyone has the interest to know something new. That is curiosity! Everyone has it.

The main problem lies in the belief that education is nothing more than our subjects and grades. It's absolutely wrong. Remember to study for knowledge and not study merely to get good grades! This helped me a lot, and so might help you too…

Just keep learning. Be active. Gain skills. Whatever you really feel like doing. Just do it! Learn things the way you want.

Let me give you an example. You are reading a history book, and you come across a battle that happened long ago. In that book, you have all the information about where the battle was fought, when it was fought, between whom, etc.

You might have no interest in knowing all those statistical data. Instead, you might wish to know why the battle has occurred! Ask your Teacher or refer to another book.

Whatever you can do, do, and find it. That's it. This is education. You can check some of the best books here also.

Books and education systems are mostly structured to satisfy major requirements for future prospects and satisfy the majority of the students' interests. But alas, all are not the same.

Forget all; no two students' interests would be alike. At the same time, we can't expect the system to be unique for each student. Of course, it would be better, but it's not so. If YOU are not interested in this, you are surely interested in some other subjects.

That's it! Nothing else. You can't simply be not interested in education because you are a human, and learning is a human's innate nature. You are just not looking at the right thing.

It might be a different subject or field that you are more interested in. It can also be some different way you want to learn that subject. Finding what you are interested in is in YOUR hands.

Here are some tips to be motivated during your study

1. Learn the importance and value of education :

As a student, you should understand that studying is a path to what lies ahead in your life. Studying is a path to attain all your dreams.

Usually, students who have learned to value education tend to enjoy studying, as well.

2. Keep your study area organized and comfortable :

This helps you to concentrate better while studying by reducing unwanted distractions. Keeping all the required books, pens, and other instruments to reach helps you stay focused on studying. You don’t have to look around for any book you need.

3. Discover ways to enhance your concentration :

Concentration is unquestionably the most important attribute necessary to enjoy studying. Staying focused on what you are reading helps you to understand and absorb it.

This is the essence of enjoying your studies. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for you to ascertain all the essentials that enhance your concentration.

4. To enjoy studying, prepare in advance for tests :

If you intend to truly enjoy studying, you must make it a habit to prepare well in advance for all your tests.

You cannot enjoy studying when you are preparing on the last day before your test. This will make studying a painful experience for you.

5. Ensure adequate lighting in your study area :

Good lighting and relaxed seating are important for long hours of study. A comfortable chair and a good quality study table are pre-requisites for you to enjoy studying.

6. Ensure that your study area is free from disturbances :

Ensure that outside noise and disturbances do not affect your studies. Your study table must be located in a silent area free from all external disturbances.

7. Mark all important dates on a wall calendar :

You must mark all important dates pertaining to your academics clearly on a wall calendar. This should include the due dates of assignments, homework, and projects. You must also mark the dates of all class tests, term tests, and semester tests.

8. Remember to take short breaks :

Taking short breaks during studying helps you in retaining more of what you have studied. Hence, short breaks are helpful during a long study session.

9. Manage your time optimally :

This can be achieved by scheduling particular time slots for study. You can schedule all other activities during the remaining period.

During the time slots allotted for studying, finish your assignments, homework, and project. Plan to fit your reading into these time slots, as well.

10. Stay positive :

Staying positive is necessary to enjoy studying. Think of all the benefits you can derive from scoring high grades. This will motivate you to strive harder in your studies.

11. Be prepared; banish fear of exams :

Make it a point to study every day. This will boost your confidence and help you in being prepared for assessments.

You can banish the fear of exams only when you make it a habit to be prepared for them well in advance. When the fear of exams is banished from your mind, you will truly begin to enjoy studying.

Wrapping Up

✪ Stay Positive, Everything is gonna be right 🌈🌸

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