How Much Time Do You Throw Away?

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I recall watching a TV series years ago.

Season 1 seemed awesome. I deeply vibed with the delivery. But each progressive season lost resonance with me. Everything reached a level of over the top way beyond the realm of reality. One main character seemingly died 5 times in the most certain, devastating means, only to raise from the dead like Lazarus. People who died in impossibly final, fiery explosions only to have found a miraculous way out lost all semblance of believability with me. The show had to go. I had to stop throwing away time following something no longer matching me and my perspective.

I watched a good 3-4 episodes of silliness before I realized: I was throwing away my time with those 3-4 episodes. I stopped watching the series cold turkey; never looked back.

Ditto for another TV series on the same channel. I watched roughly 2 seasons before understanding how the core message of the show did not do wonders for my prosperity consciousness. Bad influence. Rather than throw away more time watching something I lost resonance with I stopped watching the show to free up time to do what I enjoyed doing.

How much time do you throw away because:

  • you read a decent chunk of a book, lost resonance with it, but forced yourself to keep reading it because you already read 300 pages?
  • you continue watching TV shows you lost resonance with because you feel like you need to watch it to the end, even though you dislike the series?
  • you fear ending relationships because even though both parties lost resonance years ago, you fear being judged, being criticized or seemingly throwing away decades of friendship?

I get along well with my buddies from high school. We have known each other from 1990 as we met in sophomore year of high school. Befriending people for 30 years forms deep, powerful bonds seemingly lasting the test of time. But if 1 or all of my high school buddies for some odd reason became nasty, vicious, angry or flat out bad for my energy, I would release them because I throw away time on no one, or, on nothing.

Assess how you toss away time as if time is an unlimited resource, through various areas of your life. How do you waste time forcing yourself to do things you need to release now? World renowned icons in personal development often implore their followers to turn off movies, stop reading eBooks and cease watching shows the moment each becomes non-resonant because time is precious, not be wasted doing something you do not vibe with.

Stop tossing away time like you have 1 billion years as a human being. Even though we are heading somewhere after the human experience, most human beings have under 100 years to have fun, to do their job on planet earth and to move on.

Stop throwing away time.

Treat this limited resource with great care.

Spend all of your time doing fun, freeing, sometimes scary things to get the most out of your human experience. Trash everything else the moment you lose resonance with these experiences to maximize your time doing stuff you love doing.

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