Have You Caught the Fear Virus?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Fear spreads like a virus until you become hyper aware of the fear in your mind.

I found myself gradually stepping into the fear virus recently. People feared something. I found myself deciding to catch the virus too by giving my attention and energy to the fear. As fear spread in my mind I not only felt bad; I also noticed the fear pulling my attention, energy and focus toward the alleged trigger of the fear.

But I also realized that fear is not real. Fear is an illusion. The virus is an appearance. I soon cured myself of that particular strain of the fear virus to return to my normal, loving, fun, freeing daily routine.

How did I make this shift? I spend a fair chunk of my time and energy daily expanding my awareness through various habits. Engaging in meditating, doing Kriya yoga and doing yin yoga feels freeing and awareness-expanding and challenging too, sometimes. But the upside of becoming aware of my fears has helped me live a fun, freeing, fulfilling life of circling the globe as a pro blogger.

Even better? I do not find myself consumed by the fear virus seemingly feasting on humanity.

Common Fear Virus Spreaders

A few:

  • elections
  • politics
  • religion
  • family issues
  • friend issues

Right now in the USA, a hefty percentage of human beings are spending hours and days of their lives feeling:

  • anxious
  • worried
  • fearful
  • pained
  • angry
  • enraged
  • terrified

because these folks have fallen prey to a common fear virus: this is the odd, bizarre fear related to one human being sitting in a house in Washington, D.C. for the next 4 years.

This weird fear virus is based on a number of fear narratives drilled into the collective consciousness for decades, like:

  • 1 person sitting in a house for 4 years has power over your unlimited mind
  • 1 person sitting in a house for 4 years has power over your infinite power of choice
  • 1 person sitting in a house for 4 years has power over 330 million human beings with the gift of free will

Doesn't this fear virus sound odd to you? Have you ever addressed the election fear virus in this fashion? Elections are propped up on shaky stilts designed on the fleeting illusions of fear and its brothers of control and manipulation.

Do you fear that 1 person sitting in a house has some magical power over 330 million people with unlimited minds, the infinite power of choice and the gift of free will?

Now that we've killed that fear virus, you can stop:

  • following the election obsessively
  • feeling scared about election outcomes

because YOU have won, not 1 human sitting in a house in Washington, D.C.

Everything depends solely on YOU taking complete control of your mind and your life by facing, feeling and releasing the intimate fears in your mind. The fear virus feasts on the false narratives that a meat suit has power, autonomy and flat out control over the fate of 330 million human beings with free will; doesn't this sound utterly insane, once you face, feel and release fears in your mind?

Never take this post as a call to revolution. Think of it more like a revelation. We will live in an orderly, governed setting but without…..fear…..if we face, feel and release our intimate fears in our minds. Freedom wins if we continue to free our minds on an individual basis.

Dissolve fear in your mind to never catch the fear virus again.


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