Be Open Versus Closed to Make Life Easier

by Ryan Biddulph

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I sometimes @reply my followers a greeting on Twitter.

I tell them to have a great week, to enjoy the weekend, or some kind, warm greeting to brighten their day.

Some followers appreciate my love and respond in kind. These are people open to life, love, kindness and goodness. Life becomes easier for open people because happiness, freedom, love and worldly success flow to humans open to and receptive to life.

Some followers ask me things like:

  • Why the sudden greeting?
  • What is the context?
  • Why are you @replying me out of nowhere?

Each of these people suffers from:

  • fear in their mind, manifest as distrust
  • pain
  • closed-mindedness
  • skepticism created by past hurt, fueled by fear in their mind

People closed to the world due to fear-distrust-skepticism in their mind live in a private, subtle but palpable hell because life gets harder and harder if you cut yourself off from:

  • love
  • humanity
  • warmth
  • kindness
  • community
  • help

by being closed. All worldly freedom, success, happiness and peace flows through other human beings to you. Closed people literally cut themselves off from freedom, success, happiness and peace because fear in their mind scares them into distrusting love, kindness and genuine warmth, along with service, help and inspiration.

I have seen individuals close themselves off from the world for a litany of fears dancing around in their mind. Hell followed. Mental and physical illness followed. Human minds and bodies outlive their usefulness the moment you begin to habitually cut yourself off from the world because we are one collective living presence. Life becomes more difficult, more painful and more frustrating because you literally reject the source of all good things when you cut yourself off from humanity.

Never implicitly trust everything and everyone flowing down the pike but at least be open to the world around you. Be receptive but discerning. Observe fears in your mind that scare you into closing yourself off from warmth, kindness, health, wealth and love, flowing to you from other human beings.

Life gets easier and easier if you are open to life, including being open to humans, ideas and circumstances. Life also becomes more uncomfortable for open folks because you face, feel and release fears by putting yourself out there. Hug the discomfort as you observe life becoming easier and easier since you open up to love, help, assistance and kindness from people.

Pay close attention to how connected people who generously and genuinely built a huge, loyal friend network have help at every single turn for any issue because their buddy network is always there for them. Connected people find life quite easy in most cases because large, loyal friend networks find solutions to any of their problems, fast.

Not so for the scared person who closes themselves off from the world.

Be open, not closed. Make friends by being generous. Talk to people. Help people. Accept compliments. Accept gifts. Be open to receiving kindness from human beings.

The more open you are, the easier life becomes.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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