5 Ways to Achieve Personal and Financial Growth During a Pandemic

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For many people, personal growth is intrinsically linked with their financial situation. While most people who are seeking to grow as a person do not pursue wealth because they feel it will make them happy, financial stability is important if a person wants to be able to focus on growing themself as a person. 

Even before the world started to feel the effects of the corona-virus pandemic, many young Canadians were already working multiple jobs to achieve the financial freedom that used to come with holding down a 9-to-5 job. For many people, being able to supplement the income from their main job with a bit of extra money from a part-time job or side hustle run from their home has meant the difference between surviving and living comfortably. 

The good news is, thanks to the age of technology, earning a little bit of money on the side is easier than it ever has been. This article explores eight ways an average person can earn some extra money to supplement their main income and help them achieve financial and personal freedom, even during a pandemic. 

Uplift Your Mental Health By Boosting Your Financial Health 

Achieving financial freedom or independence is important for people because it means that a person does not have to constantly worry about the cost of everyday living. By giving a person freedom from anxiety over money and the space to grow and expand as a person, financial freedom can lead to personal growth that would not be possible otherwise.  

A good way to boost your earnings without having to take up another career is by trading stocks on the global market. With only a relatively small investment, a savvy investor can sit back and watch their money grow over time so that they can be assured of financial stability later in life when they are unable to work. 

While buying into the stock market during a time of economic hardship may not seem like a wise idea, due to the way the stock market operates, the current market downturn provides a good opportunity for savvy investors to buy cheap stocks that have the potential to earn their money back once the global economy stabilizes. 

Online trading can seem complicated, but there are several guides online that can teach people how to buy stocks that include beginners’ tips for investing, what to look for when buying stock, and the basic terminology that people who are trading should know. Websites like WealthSimple can also offer newcomers to the market access to valuable financial tools to help grow and manage their money. 

Teach or Tutor Online

As more people embrace digital learning, the need for online tutors seems set to increase each year. Online tutoring has several benefits over traditional tutoring, with the primary reason being that it is more convenient as tutors are available 24 hours a day on some platforms so they can assist students who are cramming for a test or exam as well as students who need help finishing homework assignments. The other main benefit to online tutoring is that it doesn’t feel like school, so students who struggle to perform in traditional school settings may be more relaxed and open to the material than they would be in the classroom. 

Popular online tutoring platforms include eTutorWorld, Learn to Be, The Princeton Review, Tutor Me, and Skooli. For individuals looking to make some extra income, signing up to be a tutor on one of these platforms is a great way to make money from home. Most of these platforms also allow for a measure of flexibility from tutors, meaning that tutors don’t have to do the job on a full-time basis and won’t be penalised for it. 

The minimum requirements to become a tutor on the various platforms that are available differ but, on the whole, most sites only require tutors to hold at least a high school diploma and experience teaching in an informal or formal environment. 

Aside from tutoring, online teaching also offers a reliable way for people to make money from home. While some online teaching positions require a teaching qualification from a university, many accept teachers with only a general degree and a completed Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate. There is a huge range of websites that offer TEFL certification with some of the most popular being The International TEFL Academy, Teach Away, and TEFLPros. Most TEFL certificates can be obtained online, making this side-job fairly easy and cost-effective to get into.

Becoming a teacher or tutor can not only help a person achieve some measure of financial freedom but it can also help develop valuable communication skills and other interpersonal skills that they can use in their everyday lives. 

Create and Sell Online Courses

For people who don’t have the spare time to tutor, creating and selling online courses is another great way to share knowledge while also making some money. While university accreditations are still considered the best form of education once a person has finished their main schooling career, online learning platforms are growing in popularity due to their flexibility and because they don’t involve a huge time investment. 

Platforms such as Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, and Skillshare offer skilled individuals the ability to create, market, and sell their online courses although, with the right marketing and access to a good-sized audience, many course creators can branch off on their own quite successfully so they don’t have to share their revenue with these platforms. 

Creating courses and sharing knowledge are great ways to share knowledge and skills and the social aspect of connecting with those who are being taught can help raise a person’s self-confidence, give them a sense of purpose, and help counter the effects of stress, anger, and anxiety. 

Become a Life Coach

For people who love helping others, life coaching is an exciting career option that can be pursued from the comfort of their homes. Life coaches can be described as wellness professionals whose goal is to help other people achieve fulfillment. Life coaches help people identify any obstacles in their life that may be holding them back from achieving their goals and put into place strategies to help them deal with these obstacles in ways that utilise their unique gifts and skills. 

While many life coaches take a general approach to their job, some coaches choose to specialise in one or more areas. Some of the different types of coaching include addiction and sobriety coaching, often chosen by people who have experience with addiction; business, executive, and leadership coaching, a field often frequented by business people who want to share what they have learned with others; diet and fitness coaching; family life coaching; financial coaching; life skills coaching; and sports coaching, a field that attracts former sportspeople and professional coaches looking to make an impact on the next generation of athletes. 

While becoming a life coach is easier than becoming a counsellor, there is still a bit of work involved before a person can start helping people achieve their goals. Life coaches should always have some kind of training from an accredited association such as The Coaching Academy or the International Coach Federation. Courses from these institutions cover all aspects of becoming a life coach including what coaching is and what it is not, the fundamentals of coaching, and more. Once a basic course has been completed, some forms of life coaching require additional qualifications so some research into the field is recommended before a person signs up for a course on life coaching. 

Crafting and Selling Items Online 

More hands-on people can make a little bit of extra income by selling physical items on a range of e-commerce sites. Crafting is a popular hobby that doesn’t only help unleash the creative side in people, it also is a therapeutic tool when it comes to dealing with a range of mental health issues. So, if you are crafting items why not expand on that and sell them to others to help you achieve some level of financial stability while also flexing your artistic muscle. 

While sites like Amazon and eBay allow people to sell almost anything, there are dedicated platforms that specialize in specific kinds of items that give artisans and people with some skill in crafts to market and sell their handmade items to receptive audiences. Websites like Etsy, Zibbet, and Folksy only allow handcrafted items on their platform, closing it off to importers who buy subpar-quality items in bulk for resale on big e-commerce sites.  

Another easy way to sell items online is through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. By setting up a Commerce Account on one of these platforms, any person with a Facebook account can set up an online store and get selling almost immediately. 

The corona-virus pandemic has presented the world with several challenges. While navigating this new minefield of obstacles, it can be tough to achieve personal growth, but with the right mindset and a direction, growth is not only possible but assured. 

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Through his work in the SEO and Corporate landscapes, Luca Yates has been on his own personal growth journey. Today, he loves helping others to achieve their goals.

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