1 Warning Sign for Changing Your Life

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Observe most human beings.

Do you live life as most humans live life? If so, immediately change your thoughts, feelings and actions by diving into your fears. Most people live from fear. You and I easily see this because observing the general public makes for a study in fear, manipulation and control, leading to misery, unhappiness and a general sense of powerlessness.

Observe news headlines to verify this truth. Do you see what I mean?

I chose to be on the free side of life nearly 12 years ago. I became a blogger. I put the 9-5 gig and all it represented for me in my rear view mirror because I spotted the warning signs; virtually all folks around me and the general public seemed comfortable but bound. People complained about jobs but only worked the jobs because they feared running out of money. Other people ignored their health and worked jobs because they feared losing health benefits for when they eventually got sick. I soon spotted the insanity in these fear-based perspectives and chose to walk in the opposite direction.

Life seemed insane to me because the general public largely made decisions based on fear just to be comfortable. Never mind how the comfort accompanied:

  • depression
  • rage
  • dis-ease
  • mental chaos
  • anger
  • anxiety
  • worry
  • enslavement
  • powerlessness

No thank you. I lived many of these states for 34 years of my life. I worked a job and rented an apartment because…well….why in the heck did I work a job and rent an apartment? I never gave it much thought, prior. On deeper analysis, I did each because I feared running out of money and being homeless. I gave zero thought to my happiness, fun, freedom and liberation before I chose to work jobs and rent apartments.

What an odd way to live, right? But it felt comfortable and seemed normal because billions of folks around the world did the same thing. I eventually heeded the warning sign of needing to change my life by coming across a few mentors who shined a light on the general insanity of society, not in a nasty, denigrating way, but in a clear, truthful way.

Most people act how they do because most people feel dominated by the fears in their minds. Facing, feeling and releasing these fears feels far too uncomfortable to do for many folks. Resisting the fears, being comfortable and being bound seems easier. But the downside of captivity, unhappiness and a lifetime of what could have been leads to profound suffering.

Choose freedom. Face your fears. Choose fun. Face your fears. Allow the general public to figure this out on their own; your job is not to be a savior but to be found by folks who choose to see the light, by their own free will. Life gets easier and easier – albeit a bit uncomfortable – by choosing to follow your freedom because you see eventually how fear in your mind is the only thing stopping you.

Facing, feeling and releasing the fear in your mind feels unpleasant but the upside is fun, freedom, fulfillment and flat out living your dreams.

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