Why Fear Holds You Captive

by Ryan Biddulph

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Imagine if you and I were chatting on Zoom now via a camera chat.

I tell you to close your eyes. I then tell you to see me with your eyes but you need to keep your eyes closed. First, you laugh, explaining how you cannot see me with eyes closed. But I tell you to try harder to see me with your eyes for the next 5 minutes, begging you to do your best, pleading you to use your eyes to gaze upon me.

Becoming angry, frustrated and flat out disgusted, you eventually end our call. Why? No matter how hard you TRY to see me with your eyes, I will be blind to you 100% of the time because seeing someone solely with your eyes, with eyes closed, in 100% impossible.

Walking around harboring deep fears in your mind and trying to see reality, truth, what is, is like trying to see someone with your eyes while your eyes are closed. Impossible.

Fear holds you captive because blinds you from:

  • reality
  • truth
  • wisdom
  • what is

100% of the time, no matter:

  • how hard you work
  • how long you work
  • how smart you work

because fear closes your mind to what really, truly, genuinely is. You will forever live in a world of mental chaos, poverty, dis-ease and fear if you cling to fear in your mind, because as within, so without.

Even worse? Selfish, greedy, desperate or flat out well-meaning but ignorant beings can easily manipulate you with your fear to:

  • influence you
  • force you to agree with them
  • fight with them, to create chaos
  • bend you to their will

The worst part of this whole process is this; until you become crystal clear aware of this truth, you will be ignorant, lost and flat out blind to being manipulated, because your fear blinds you from what is REALLY happening.

A Quick Test

OK, ready?

Honestly, genuinely observe how you feel after reading these completely neutral words:

  • Donald Trump
  • Joe Biden
  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Lindsey Graham
  • CNN
  • Fox News

After reading these neutral words, did you feel completely:

  • calm?
  • serene?
  • relaxed?
  • poised?
  • balanced?

If so, congratulations. Either you are an enlightened being, or you have faced, mastered and released any fears in your mind concerning subjugation to other human beings in the illusory position of authority.

But if not, and if you feel a little afraid, uncomfortable, or terrified, enraged, ashamed, embarrassed, anxious or worried, you cling to fears in *your* mind that you need to face, feel and release, or you have been and will continue to be easily manipulated by beings to bend to their selfish interests.

I see fairly clearly through this illusion most of the time but sometimes, my own slight fears turn the neutral meat suits masked as politicians above into something they are not. I own that. Largely though, I do understand how I see the world through my intimately personal mind and its thoughts and feelings, feel my fears, and see through the illusion.

What Is the Solution?

Face, feel and release your fears to take complete ownership of your mind. Taking complete control of your mind by clearing a majority of your fears lets you see truth clearly. Seeing reality as it is cuts the manipulative tendrils laid out by:

  • major news media
  • politicians
  • government
  • family
  • friends
  • any intelligent being afraid enough and selfish enough to manipulate you for their own interests

Guys; this is an advanced personal growth concept to embody. But being fully liberated from fears concerning politics, government, major news media and any friend or relative you fear facing is the peaceful, calming, freeing reward of facing your intimately personal fears.

The moment you cannot be fooled, manipulated or used is the moment you become free.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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