Why Are Goats Gurus?

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My wife and I are spending 1 month watching goats in a forest-town northwest of Boston.

We walked them earlier today.

Goats are gurus. Seriously. I observed these pets during a 20 minute jaunt to understand why goats can lead you to freedom, fulfillment and peace of mind.


Goats are hardy sonofaguns.

I felt a bit chilly being outside in the low 40's wearing a thin thermal shirt, t-shirt and shorts. But the tough duo seemed entirely unaffected by chill temperatures. Goats thrive in brutal deserts or cold climates. Hardy types, goats are.

Learn from goats. Develop your hardiness. Exit your comfort zone. Stop being soft. Life begins one step outside of your comfort zone. Be a little bit tougher. No need to take a quantum leap. Nudge outside of your comfort zone to gradually free yourself from the misery of being comfortable but enslaved by your fears.


The goats ate virtually everything on the way.

  • dried leaves long fallen from trees
  • shrubs
  • leaves from fruit trees
  • leaves from various plants

Virtually everything appeared to be on the menu. Plus, hay seems to be the foundation of their diet. Talk about opportunists, eh? Goats turn down nothing, basically, save meat.

Be as opportunistic as goats. Gobble up opportunities to have fun even if each venture scares you a bit. Seize opportunities for freedom. Guzzle down life. Everything is one huge opportunity for seizing, using and living. Be hyper aware of opportunities for serving people. Happiness, peace of mind and liberation meet human beings who grab and use opportunities to generously help people.

Enjoy the Icing on the Cake

Goats are far from utilitarian beasts mindlessly plowing through the forest.

Goats love sweets too.

We coaxed the 2 goats back into the pen by luring each with goat cookies. Goat cookies proved to be way too enticing to turn down. Goats love treats too. Goats love the finer things.

Do not forget to celebrate life. Life is work and play. Life is facing fear and rewarding yourself for facing fear. Enlightened beings live beyond ego concepts like desire, pleasure and craving. You and I enjoy fulfilling desires here and there, have fun by rewarding self for a job well done and feast on sweets, treats or perhaps you down a cold beer or glass of wine to kick back and relax.

Life is to be enjoyed. Face fears. Exit your comfort zone. But treat yourself too. Life becomes self-torture for humans living a worldly life depriving self of basic comforts and conveniences. I love a good cup of coffee, sweet treats and Hulu at night.

Did you believe I meditated in a cave in between writing blog posts?

Even silly me seems wise enough to follow a lesson from the guru goats: once in a while, treat yourself!

Exit your comfort zone routinely. Be an opportunist. Remember to treat yourself for facing fears and gobbling up opportunities for living, freedom, growth and service.

Follow the guru goat way to live from energies of love, generosity, peace of mind and stability.

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