When Does Your Life Improve Dramatically?

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When you consciously choose to face fears and follow fun your life improves dramatically.

Everything in your life now reflects your thoughts, feelings and actions back to you. Life serves as a mirror, reflecting you back to you. Desiring a change in conditions means desiring a change in self.

Imagine if you feel tired, bored, or flat out disgusted working your job. Feelings of job tiredness, boredom and disgust reflect how your intimate, deeply personal fears scared you into working the job. Human beings unhappy with jobs work jobs for fear of what may happen if said humans did not work said jobs. Humans fear going broke and losing health benefits, work jobs to avoid facing each fear and feel depressed about making fear-based choices increasing their unhappiness.

Life improves dramatically if you:

  • face the fear of letting go the job
  • feel the fear of letting go the job
  • create an exit plan to work a job or start a business feeling fun, freeing and fulfilling to you

Nothing changes unless you decide to face, feel and release fears because YOUR fear is the ONLY reason why you work a job that feels depressing. Did the job force you to work it? Nope. Did any human force you to work it? Nope. Any human can choose from thousands of jobs eliciting happiness and a steady paycheck to put food on the table and a roof over the heads of your family.

Any human can choose from the millions of businesses eliciting happiness and eventual paycheck to put food on the table and a roof over the heads of your family.

But feeling fears causing depressive choices and following your fun are the only ways your life improves dramatically. Everything is on you. Life is your choice.

Fun and Fear

I chose to have fun blogging and circling the globe a decade ago to change my life dramatically. I had worked 9-5 jobs many years prior. But choosing fun, freedom and a better life unearthed fears I needed to face, feel and release to allow the freeing, fun life to manifest.

With fun comes fear. With fear comes fun. Every dream you dream comes with fun and fear attached. All improvements arrive joined at the hips to fun and fear.

Baby Steps

Dramatic improvements unfold one baby step at a time. Quantum leaps do not exist in a precise, steady, perfect Universe of evolution. Everything and everyone evolves slow and steady for the betterment of all.

Imagine hating your job. Make the scary but freeing choice to start a home business. But starting a home business means slowly, steadily and surely learning how to start your home business the right way. Baby step this journey while working your full time job to cover bills and boost savings.

Oodles of fun and ample fear follows. Freeing yourself through your business feels liberating but scary sometimes too because building a business feels uncomfortable.

Welcome to changing your life one step at a time.

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Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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