What Is the Remedy to Loss of Freedom?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Do you feel a loss of freedom in any area of your life?

Face your fear.

Do you suffer from a financial loss of freedom? Face your money fears, feel your money fears, clear your money fears, make more money, experience financial freedom. Never feel bound by money problems again. How? Facing fear frees you from loss of freedom.

Do you feel a physical loss of freedom? Do you fear to leave your house for some reason? Face fears fueling your physical loss of freedom. Leave your house. Conquer this fear by feeling it. Feel free, physically. Lose the loss of physical freedom. Be free to go where you want to go whenever you want to go there.

If you suffer a loss in freedom simply face the fear fueling the loss in any area of your life to feel the fear, to release the fear and to regain the freedom you were born with and to experience the freedom that is your birthright.

Governments appear to restrict worldly freedom through laws. But human beings in full control of their minds free themselves mentally and physically from worldly governments while living within the bounds of the law. Free human beings have been doing this for centuries. Being in the world but not of the world allows you to out think and out feel and escape any apparent loss of freedom on the mental plane.

Loss Is Impossible in Abundance

We live in an abundant universe.

Loss appears to be possible but like all appearances, loss is impossible.

Loss of freedom appears to be real in consciousness but investigating the concept of loss more deeply, unlimited beings masquerading as humans have unlimited freedom in their grasp. What is the key to unlock this unlimited freedom? Face, feel and release fears fueling your apparent loss of freedom.

People who deeply fear the loss of an abusive spouse or partner suffer through the loss of freedom by remaining in relationships with abusive, manipulative people.

Facing, feeling and releasing the loss of your spouse or partner influences you to leave the relationship to gain your freedom again. Freedom awaits on the other side of your fears.

Freedom Awaits on the Other Side of Your Fears

I felt an urge to write this post at 1:07 AM on a Monday morning.

But a tiny impulse of fear told me to go to bed. The fear-surge told me to write the post tomorrow.

I know greater freedom awaits for me beyond my fears. I felt the fear, cleared the fear, wrote and published this post and of course, greater freedom, exposure and fulfillment awaits for me.

I suffered through an apparent loss of freedom over a decade ago. Working a busy job – sometimes 6 days a week – ate into my worldly freedoms. Some days I worked from 6 AM to midnight. Working for 18 hour days made me feel like I traded decent chunks of my life for a pay check.

Facing, feeling and releasing my fear of losing a steady paycheck inspired me to become a professional blogger after my final employer issued me a pink slip. I have been circling the globe for the past 9 years as a free, worldly traveling, professional blogger.

I appeared to lack worldly freedom over a decade ago but facing, feeling and releasing fears fueling the freedom loss allowed me to be genuinely free to work where I want to work, when I want to work, as I enjoy planet earth and its many flavors.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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