What Is the Catch to Living Your Dreams?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Do you know all of those things you fear doing? You know; the highly uncomfortable, scary stuff you believe you could never do? Doing all of that scary stuff is the ONLY way to live your dreams.

The catch: living your dreams requires making a series of freeing but uncomfortable decisions. Most people do not put 2 and 2 together when observing how folks who live their dreams seem few and far between. Folks who live their dreams are few because few human beings make uncomfortable decisions habitually.

Most folks make excuses and stop. Imagine an excuse serving as a mental prison. Perhaps you make the excuse that you cannot follow your dreams because you need to provide for your family by working a full time job. Facing, feeling and exploring fears fueling your excuse feels highly uncomfortable; that's the catch. Working until midnight on your blog after working 8 hours at your day job feels uncomfortable. Guess what? The person living their dreams – who you envy – did things 100 times more uncomfortable to live their dreams. Plus this crowd did uncomfortable things habitually.

Everything You Fear Doing and Refuse to Do Blocks Your Dreams

Imagine working a depressing full time job. Coming across my blog today, you see I am in Killington, Vermont. I snapped this picture here 5 minute ago:

Wow. I have an amazing life, you think. I circle the globe as a full time pro blogger. Scanning my blog reveals an eBook I wrote to help you leave a 9-5 job you dislike. After buying the eBook and reading a few chapters you feel a surge of freedom, happiness and peace exude through your being. Now is the time to begin blogging part time to eventually blog full time so you can leave your job, you feel.

But fear also surges through your being. Where do you begin? Why waste money on your domain and hosting? Nobody will read your blog anyway. What do you know? Each question and accompanying fear feels quite uncomfortable to experience but wading through the fears and writing and publishing your first post – after buying your domain and hosting – is the only way to eventually live your dreams through blogging.

Proceed to spend 1000's of hours over years making fun, freeing and sometimes highly uncomfortable decisions because uncomfortable decisions form the bridge between depressing jobs and dream lives.

How Do You Make Uncomfortable Decisions Routinely?

Be led by your dreams. Imagine the fun, freeing feeling of living your dream life. Allow the fun, freeing feeling to overtake fears in your mind. Carry your fun, freeing dream intent with you to do scary stuff you need to do in order to eventually live your dreams.

Never believe that following your dreams is an exercise in torture. Far from it. Largely, you will enjoy the journey but the catch is all that stuff you make excuses about, that you fear doing, that you stop at, is the exact stuff that you need to do to live your dreams.

Observe how folks who live their dreams seem few and far between. Observe how folks who make uncomfortable decisions routinely seem few and far between. Note the correlation.

Do fun, freeing and sometimes uncomfortable stuff. Follow your dreams right through your excuses, fears and limiting beliefs to position yourself to live your dream life.


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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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