What Do You Do When Your Day Becomes Complicated?

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You know those certain days running your business. When your to-do list is all ready to go and you are banging out emails and setting up your social media posts, then you realize: You never received an email from a client.

And you thought it was their email server. This has happened before you thought. So, you call them and chat. You ask them to send the email again.

Still, nothing arrives in the inbox. Then you realize, why is my business email not working?  You contact your tech guru and then you realize: I did change my hosting over to another hosting provider after a decade. Hmm. So many things to ponder today that are not on my to-do list!  

But, luckily I don't cling to problems and focus on finding a solution instead.

Who Are You Going to Call When Business Gets Complicated?

Thankfully, you will have someone to call or rather email that can help you on those complicated days.

Imagine if you did not have anyone to contact when you ran into problems throughout your business day?

Well, that was something I learned early on with my online business.

It wasn’t what I knew how to do or what I did, it was more about that I knew who to ask!  

Knowing Who to Ask When Your Day Becomes Complicated

Being on Twitter I was able to network with a lot of great people back then. There weren’t so many people on Twitter a decade ago. We could chat and get to know one another. I met others nearby locally and become friends.

But many of my freelancers today that work for me are those folks I met way back then. Many of whom, gave me free advice back in those early days. Do you reach out when your day becomes complicated?

We all started at the same time online blogging. Some of the people became great at coding, others on YouTube, some at copywriting and editing, and others on Facebook. My niche was Twitter.

Giving Away Advice for Free To Help Others

One thought that really hit me today was about giving advice out for FREE. It can work out well for you. If people I met back then never helped me out for free when I was just blogging (before becoming a full-time business).

I may not have them today to rely on and pay for their services.

Oftentimes, you may think someone is taking a lot of time out of your day with no pay or reward in sight. You have to decide how much of your day you will give to helping others. Add that “giving” time to your day daily or for certain days of the week.

Not only will it make you feel better but you will be referred over and over again in the future. It's like planting seeds.

Your Turn

So what do you do when your day becomes complicated? Do you cave in, or do you reach out to others for help?

What Do You Do When Your Day Becomes Complicated?

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