What Anchors Do You Need to Cut?

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Imagine a boat anchoring down in harbor.

During serene weather periods it makes perfect sense to anchor down. But during turbulent weather, anchoring down almost guarantees the boat becomes destroyed. Nearby boats, docks and other things smash an anchored boat to smithereens in many cases.

Boat owners sometimes ride out big storms at sea for this reason. Pulling up or cutting anchors makes sense during turbulent times because freedom of movement allows boats to remain intact. Mother Nature may throw potentially-capsizing high winds and big waves your way but your boat will become kindling if you anchor down dockside. Simply observe any hurricane footage after storms blow through.

What Anchors Do You Need to Cut?

I cut anchors to:

  • a home
  • a job
  • family
  • friends

to become a full time digital nomad because attaching myself to a home, job, family and friends proved to be damaging to me personally and professionally.

Being a home body felt depressing, confining and emotionally damaging because tying myself down to one spot forced me inside of my misery-inducing comfort zone after a year of living in the same home.

Cutting the anchor to a home freed me, opened my eyes to the world and let me sample living in different spots, to soak up different cultures, to appreciate our similarities and to bring the world together.

Letting go anchors to a job, family and friends helped me be free to render valued service from anywhere at any time to an ever increasing audience. I can shine as brightly as I do only because I cut fear-ties to family and friends. I love my family and friends because I am not deeply attached to family and friends. Detaching from these loving human beings allowed me to serve a bigger, more cosmic-influenced family and friend network called “humanity”.

How About You?

What anchors do you need to cut?

What anchors cause misery in your life?

Does your anchor-like attachment to:

  • the news
  • politics
  • your home
  • your job

feel comfortable but frustrating, depressing and damaging?

Anchoring to the news bonds you with afraid, pained, angry human beings filled with grief, sadness and division. Similar to anchoring dockside during a hurricane, you and fellow scared newshounds will all but destroy each other with your collective fear-pain.

Observe if you anchor to your home. Do you feel immense freedom, fun, peace of mind and calm by owning a home? If yes, good; home ownership liberates you. But if you created an anchor-like attachment to your home you genuinely feel tied down, stressed, worried and generally bad about being a home owner. Perhaps you feel comfortable owning a home but the fear-pain fueling your attachment suggests it may be time to rent an apartment or to become a full time digital nomad who runs an online business.

Cutting Anchors Feels Scary But Freeing

Cutting anchors to a home, job, fam and friends felt scary at first but incredibly freeing because liberation, peace of mind and a sense of independence makes you feel……whole, complete, grateful and poised.

I spent time last night researching AirBnB's in places like Hawaii and Costa Rica for the new year. I have no idea if we will remain in the lower 48, head to Hawaii or leave the country but having the freedom to make such a decision feels completely liberating, peace-inducing, calming and relaxing.

Me and my wife run our lives. We live life by intimately personal design.

We did not anchor ourselves or tie ourselves down.

Cutting anchors – even if doing so felt scary – has been well worth our predominant freedom, peace of mind and liberation.

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