Sacrifice Is Forward Gaining Not Backwards Losing

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Imagine if you absolutely love smoking, eating red meat frequently and skipping exercise.

Perhaps you've observed people who follow similar habits. Most if not virtually all of these people die in horrible, agonizing fashion with diseases like cancer causing them profound suffering for months if not years of their lives.

But you deeply fear losing your treasured joys of smoking, eating red meat frequently and skipping workouts. Focusing on what you would lose scares you into clinging to these pleasurable but ultimately misery-inducing activities because months, years or decades down the road you will almost certainly experience a profound suffering you have never experienced. Never mind the months, years and decades of feeling like a slave inside of your body with your poor lung capacity, addiction to nicotine and general dour, depressed mood.

Sacrifice Is Forward Gain

Imagine sacrificing your smoking, red meat and workout skipping habits. What do you gain? Decades of health, wellness, energized living and happiness.

What do you almost certainly avoid? A miserable, horrible death because if you genuinely care for your body and mind your body and mind will care for you until you transition.

Begin meditating. Gain peace of mind. Eat fruits and veggies and lean meats along with clean carb sources. Gain energy, balance and a well-feeling vibe coursing through your being. Exercise for 45 minutes daily. Feel energized, increase your lung capacity and experience life richly, leaving sickness and dis-ease in the rear view mirror.

Sacrifice is a forward-gaining habit, not a backward loss habit. Forget fearing what you will lose. Focus on the love of what you will gain. Humans fear giving up smoking or heavy red meat consumption for the temporary sensory emotion or feel both habits elicit. But being a sense slave for a few seconds or minutes creates decades of misery, pain and suffering, usually ending in horrific fashion.

Why do you fear losing 5 seconds or 10 minutes of sensory, temporary pleasure a few times daily when being a sense slave causes decades of misery? Why not sacrifice being a sense slave for gaining decades of good-feeling wellness by adopting and embodying high energy habits like meditating, doing yoga, power walking and eating a nutritious, balanced diet?

Sacrifice is a freeing activity because you let go fear and sense slavery for love and a genuine liberation your soul sees as natural and effortless. Sacrificing involves discomfort sometimes. My mind raced a bit and my body felt tense as I meditated and did Kriya yoga this morning. But check out my view:

I circle the globe as a professional blogger because I largely sacrificed my old life of sense slavery, temporary pleasure and comfort for gaining peace of mind, harmony, liberation and the blanket choice to live my life by personal design.

Forget fearing what you need to lose. Focus on feeling free by what you gain. Sacrifice involves facing deep fears but facing, feeling and releasing these energies liberates you to live a life of gain, abundance, freedom and love.

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