How Fear Genuinely Distorts Reality

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Rewind to the last 5-10 life events that genuinely scared the living daylights out of you.

Replay the feeling of:

  • your racing mind
  • shortness of breath
  • “pit in the stomach” dread
  • overpowering surge of “something feels wrong/off here” type emotion

Did you think clearly in each event? Likely, no, until you settled down and relaxed the fear in your mind.

Did you observe reality clearly in each event? Likely, no, until you settled down and relaxed fear in your mind.


Fear distorts reality to create an illusion, something NOT real, an appearance, something NOT true.

Love sees reality, or, what is true.


  • almost died from dehydration after suffering through giardia in India
  • stepped into a cage of three 400 pound tigers in Thailand
  • faced down a Javanese spitting cobra in Bali
  • lived in a remote jungle for 6 weeks while in Costa Rica
  • showered with a bird-eating tarantula in Thailand for weeks (looked just like the spider in the featured image)

Fear in my mind distorted reality partially – or virtually completely – through each experience. I could not see reality-truth clearly only because of fear in my mind.

I am no spiritual master now, but any time I have fallen temporarily ill, faced an apex predator-being or spent time in a remote wilderness since these intense experiences from years ago, I saw more clearly because I felt more calm. I felt more calm because I faced, felt and released many deep fears in mind from my spiritual training for 1000's of hours over years. Plus I faced, felt and released deep fears purged during the intense experienced noted above.

The Confusing Thing About Fear

Subtle – or powerful – fears long buried distort reality, poison your mind and body and ruin your life, even though these fears seem nothing like stepping into a cage with 400 pound tigers, facing a spitting cobra, or being in a remote forest with your wife and Sasquatch.

The confusing thing about fear is burying fears distorts your reality and blinds you from truth just as much as having a near death experience, encountering an apex predator or facing some pulsating, deep horror, sprung on you in a split second.

You cannot get over what is still in you.

Create Spacious Awareness

I spend 1/6th of every day creating spacious awareness in my consciousness to follow my fun and to unearth, feel and release reality-distorting fears. Following this ritual feels unpleasant sometimes because spending 4 hours following inner rituals daily tends to unearth fear-pain manifest as your most tender, inner weaknesses.

What is the upside?

Feeling largely calm, stable, relaxed, peaceful and seeing the truth clearly, more often, versus being lost in the distorted reality co-created by your fear and other scared people lost in their own fears.

When you're really scared in a life-death situation, your mind races, you feel FEAR surge through your being, and you flat out cannot think clearly. When you bury fear-pain from the death of your spouse over 30 years ago, over the loss of your money from 20 years ago, or over how your siblings have not spoken to you in 40 years, you distort reality just as much as the person facing a tiger or spitting cobra, even though your fear doesn't SEEM to feel as intense. The deep, pulsating fears you suppress for decades destroy your body through dis-ease but more critically, consume with your with a subtle, then palpable, insanity, that may even seem normal in a largely insane world.

If you want to prove this “largely insane world” theory, pick up a newspaper.

You're welcome 🙂

The Solution

Face your intimately personal fears. Feel 'em. Clear 'em.

Clear these terrible-feeling emotions to see reality more clearly and to be a bright, shining light for a world largely lost in the reality-distorting illusion of fear.

We can use more light workers.

Applying for this job is simple but highly uncomfortable sometimes: face your fears to begin to take control of your mind.

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