How Do You Handle Routine Disruptions?

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I begin my blogging day in earnest after settling in to my new travel location. I feel good. Even though my blogging routine became disrupted today I did not allow the disruption to affect my mind. But I had to train my mind to change with change. Gracefully handling disruptions does not come easily for people because changing with change feels uncomfortable. People would rather complain.

I find it odd when adults complain like little kids the moment their routines change due to…..change. Doesn't it seem funny to see a 50 year old whine, complain and moan about being woken early, missing some ritual or changing their routine because life simply intervenes?

Life is change. Either change with change to let routines morph with disruptions or resist what is from foolish, scared, terse, rigid energies. Every rigid person breaks under their lack of flexibility. Every flexible person grows through the constant of change.

Travel Changes

I drove from upstate New York to Vermont yesterday. Routine disrupted. I noted poor internet connectivity in our hotel room. Routine disrupted. I did not complain one bit. I wrote offline. I did yoga. I read. I meditated. Change is the only constant. Complaining about change is complaining about life.

My travels demand me to change with change routinely because my life IS change. World travelers change locations, set ups, customs and cultures. Travelers change schedule too. Travelers often run laps around non-travelers in some regards because travelers routinely exit their comfort zones to grow quickly.

My routine changed today. What did I do? I remained flexible. Even though I meditated and did Kriya yoga this morning – per my normal routine – I began writing later in the day. I will write until I fall asleep to get the job done. No sense complaining; I actually enjoy a change in routine because changes keep me on my toes, alert and nimble.

What About You?

Do you handle routine disruptions seamlessly? Or do you complain any time change changes your routine? Everything depends on your mindset.

People tend to resist change. Humans love comfort. People love a sense of order. Folks crave consistency. Disruptions force humans to do uncomfortable things. Most people despise doing uncomfortable things because fear waits for people outside of their comfort zone.

People ask me and my wife how we do it? How do we travel continuously? Changing routinely floors people who cling to set schedules, consistency and comfort.

I genuinely feel like I am dying if I am on a set schedule, consistent and comfortable. Before we sold the house I became a little miserable. Mild depression invaded my being. I became exhausted at living in the same home for over a year, following the same daily routine and doing most day to day stuff in my comfort zone. Zombie-life. Life is for the living, nor for trying to live solely in your comfort zone.

Personally, if I do not edge out of my comfort zone a centimeter here and there I feel like I am dying a little more each day. But that is just me.

Thank goodness for routine disruptions; change proves you are alive.

Roll with change to embrace a richer, more fulfilling life along with greater personal growth.

Change is good because change forces you to face enslaving, misery-inducing fears you never would have faced otherwise.

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