Every Fear You Avoid Creates 5 More Problems

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Or 10 more problems.

Or 100 more problems.

I fed the goats this morning.

After carrying a bale of hay to the feedbag I noted one goat being genuinely rambunctious. She head-butted me, jumped onto the feed and began stomping. Wow. I never observed this behavior. She had been hyper in the past. But after claiming the feed this morning, she began sprinting wildly for 30-40 yards, back and forth, from the pen to the house.

Fear arose in my being. I feared she would head-butt me hard enough to injure me. Should could; she is a 130 pound Saanen goat. Look these guys up. She is heavy, strong, tall and flat out the biggest goat I have ever seen.

But I faced, felt and released the fear to feed the goats. I had to. If I avoided the fear, ran back inside and refused to feel this uncomfortable emotion, 5 more problems would have arisen:

  • I would not have closed the pen; free goats wander near the street, increasing the chances of one getting hit by a car
  • free goats out of pens walk into neighbor yards and eat neighbor's landscaping
  • not feeding hungry goats – I had not filled the feed bag yet – could lead to goat sickness
  • not laying out fresh hay on a snowy, cold day could lead to goat sickness
  • ME not facing my fear of facing Latma head on would make me more scared of her – and her rambunctious ways – the next time she sprinted and reared, negatively affecting my ability to care for her, causing her increased suffering in some way, shape or form

Fear creates one problem for you in your mind. But not facing fear instantly creates 5-10 to more problems if you resist, avoid or duck fear. Humans become mentally ill and physically ill not through some random game of cosmic chance, or, dumb luck, or, because some deity punishes people. People fall into mental illness and physical illness because people experience deep fear-pain and bury, resist, avoid and duck the fear-pain for weeks, months, fears and decades. Problems manifesting as mental and physical health issues follow, SCREAMING at you to face, feel and address fears, to release these energies.

The only time this is not true is when a spirit decides to have a “young human experience”, moves into a little human body for a tiny bit, has its full, then exits the body, fast. But other than these rare cases, every human being with eyes to see and ears to hear simply observes how not facing your fears around self-worth, leading to rejection of self, leads to a dizzying array of mental and health problems ruining your life.

The mental and health problems disappear if you genuinely step into and feel your deepest fears. In the case of enlightened beings, they have almost no fears, if any, so, no problems follow. Enlightened souls also defy the laws of science because science is in fear, skepticism and logic, while enlightened souls are in love, problem-less-ness and beyond fear.

Enlightened being Yogananda consciously left his body via a “heart attack” quite a while ago. The LA Coroner noted zero signs of his bodily degradation after he died. His body remained perfectly preserved for 2-3 weeks after his death. Science says the body begins decomposing after death. But the enlightened being inhabiting the body had virtually no fear so the body did not age after the illusion-appearance of bodily death. Seers like Yogananda clue us in to who we REALLY are if we face fear, dissolve into love and allow our problems to exit stage left, all by expanding our awareness.

Everybody has to pay the fear piper because you cannot get over what is still in you. Do you want to avoid a lifetime of problems? Face your fears. Do you want to live mainly from love, happiness, peace and calm? Face your fears.

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