Either Grow and Become Free or Resist and Suffer

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Change is the only constant in life.

Life presents you with two clear choices.

Either grow through change to become free or resist change and suffer. Everything is on you. Everything is your choice. I figured it easier to grow and free myself even though growing involves making scary, uncomfortable choices at times. I had a few rough nights of sickness recently. Each evening taught me something about my mind, body and overall energy.

I only observed the lessons learned and grew through each experience because I intend to embody a growth-oriented mindset. I have become more free because I chose to grow through hairy, unpleasant situations. What is the other option? Complain, whine, moan, or flat out see yourself as a victim of circumstance as you resist change, suffer and become enslaved by your fears.

Sickness Example

Any time I fall ill – which is not often – I immediately observe why I fell ill to learn, to grow and to free myself through each experience. A few days ago I overate, consumed rich red meat and pork and became stomach sick at night. I learned how meat and rich foods seem off the menu for me now. I operate better eating light, anyway.

But last night I woke at 4 AM with stomach issues again. Turns out, I became dehydrated because I forgot to pound water yesterday. Usually I drink 8-10 tall bottles or more.

I learned, grew and freed myself by downing 4 bottles within 2 hours last night. I also downed 3 bottles on waking today to feel energized, hydrated and comfortable, stomach-wise.

Imagine if 2 nights ago I complained about getting sick, saw myself as a victim and chose to resist the lesson I was being taught? My sickness may have passed but likely over 8 hours versus 3 hours. Plus I never would have learned my lesson; avoid rich foods and red meat. No doubt, I would have consumed red meat and/or rich foods within days, if not weeks and of course I'd have suffered again and again, all because I resisted the lesson taught to me. Ultimately, we enslave ourselves by fear, sickness and poverty if we resist lessons taught to us, fighting change.

Grow through Change to Become Liberated

I am up and at 'em today even though I remained in bed until 12 noon. I woke at 4 AM, felt sick until 8 AM, but downed ample tall bottles of water to feel refreshed, recharged and healthy again. Versus being confined to bed – and miserable – I am free to exercise, to do yoga and to help you and I by writing this guest post.

Freedom meets growth-oriented people. Growing lets you liberate yourself from fear, disease and poverty because each problem is a state of mind quickly left behind by people who learn, grow and evolve.

Why Do Few Grow?

Most people fear change, growth and uncomfortable emotions more than fearing sickness, poverty and death. Does this sound insane? Look around. Observe how many people choose to avoid fear, resist change, and suffer through poverty and disease. Note how many people die young from diseases greatly influenced by scared, poor, unwise choices regarding their health and wellness. Observe how many human beings pin all of their hopes and dreams on one individual who may or may not become a president, governor or senator.

Resistant people who rarely grow but usually suffer look to other human beings for growth, freedom and liberation. But this leads to misery and failure because no person can control another person or guarantee another person will do their bidding.

Do yourself a favor.

Learn, grow, evolve and free yourself even if doing so feels uncomfortable sometimes.

Being free is worth the discomfort.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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