Do You Trust Specialists Generalists or Fools?

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My uncle once told my dad about someone who knew the stock market inside-out. He said this financial expert had excellent stock tips.

I heard the discussion from the next room.

After my uncle stressed how the guy was a guru, my dad replied:

“But he's a mechanic.”

Mechanics know how to fix cars. But trusting money advice from a guy who spends most time fixing cars is trusting a fool.

I saw a tweet yesterday stressing how social media influencers are speaking out on the election and politics unlike never before. But social media influencers spend most time mastering social media. Trusting their political or election advice is trusting a fool.

Does any social media influencer deeply understand the mechanics of elections? Does any social media influencer know the subtle intricacies of foreign policy? I would be far more qualified to talk international foreign policy than any social media influencer on earth because I have spent the past decade circling the globe. I know Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian culture, customs and politics fairly well.

But I am light years away from being an expert in any of these areas. I pipe down because I prefer not to be a fool leading fools.

Generalists emerge too. Jack of All Trades types learn a bit about a handful of topics. Trusting a generalist is a little better than trusting a fool but you still come up short.

Trust Specialists

Do you want to know how to blog successfully? I could be your guy. I spent 15,000 hours blogging. I am a blogging specialist, particularly in the blogging mindset niche.

I have fairly vast knowledge of energy management, personal development and the science of mind because I have spent a decade meditating, doing yoga and observing my mind as it is. I freely share my thoughts on these matters through Don's blog. But ultimately, blogging is my talent especial.

Following my parenting advice would be foolish because I never had a kid. I have cared extensively for my niece since she was months old. I do have some experience in this realm but none concerning 24-7 child support for 18 to 20 years or longer.

Beware Fools Especially

I recall Obi Wan Kenobe of Star Wars fame asking who the fool was: the fool or the one following the fool?

The topics of religion and politics bring out boatloads of fools because ego clings to each from the illusion of fear. The Universe offers all sentient beings a 360 degree, all-encompassing view. But the illusion of fear creates attachment which causes even highly intelligent human beings to see the world through an ignorant pinhole. Being ego intelligent and emotional intelligent are light years apart. Once can accumulate loads of information but if they cannot see through the illusion of fear they cannot see Reality as it Really Is.

Beware following political or voting advice from a fool who only knows ONE WAY. Unlimited ways exist. Literally, YOU are the way. But if you act mainly from a predominant energy of fear you will trust advice offered by fools which makes you a fool. Guess what happens when foolish you offers advice to other ignorant people? A complete new wave of fools sprouts up, offering foolish advice to more fools.

The Solution

Take complete control of your mind through a daily ritual. Consider meditating, doing yoga and praying from a trusting, high vibe. Strengthening your mind lets you see through the illusion of fear. Seeing through fear alerts you to loving, compassionate, truthful specialists to follow for sound, honest, clear advice.

Plus you trust your gut by listening to your intuition more easily by strengthening your mental muscle.

Before you trust any advice, check the source.

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