Do You See Yourself as an Unlimited Creator or Mindless Insect?

by Ryan Biddulph

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“An ant has no quarrel with a boot.” ~ Loki, Avengers

Observe the news. But not for too long.

Observe politics. But not for too long.

Most humans tend to see themselves as mindless insects on some level, partially. Most humans fear if so and so gets in office, humans will suffer and they will lose their freedom. Why? People who view self as powerless and other humans as having power over them fear losing the power that they already lost in mind, anyway.

Most humans fear major media news headlines because most humans believe the fear-fueled opinions of an old, rich guy passed down to organizations of people who do what he tells them to do. Why? On some level, most human see themselves as mindless insects, under the power and will of words spoken by human beings on TV and through the internet.

Exploring some aspects of an “insect self image” feels highly uncomfortable. Realizing you forfeited your unlimited, raw power of creating and thinking to another human being or to events or circumstances may feel enraging, humiliating or depressing. But the only way to see yourself as an unlimited, creative dynamo who is above and beyond fear, who sees through the illusion of fear, and who lives from energies of love, harmony, generosity, empowerment and unity, is to own, face, feel and release fear-based, insect-self-image-level thinking.

You Have Billions of Options

Imagine someone gets elected. Mindless insects fight, rage, or give up and subrogate, deciding to believe a human being actually has power over their:

  • mind
  • body
  • soul

But a human being who chooses to mold a self image of an unlimited creative forces literally has billions to an infinite number of options, to think, feel, act and flat out create a fun, freeing life, independent of circumstances, politicians and news headlines.

The billions of options are ideas. Human beings have access to an unlimited number of ideas. Acting on ideas feels uncomfortable or flat out scary but freeing, liberating and enlightening too, because you slowly but surely realize you are a god, an idea machine, an unlimited co-creator who sees through fear and operates at a higher plane, the creative plane. You also leave insect-self-image thinking in your rear view mirror, for good.

Fighting or Raging or Going Against Is Also Insect-Level-Thinking

A hornet stings a big human because the hornet fears for its life. Humans fight, rage or flat out go against politicians, the news and other entities for reasons of insect-level-thinking fear.

Human beings who see themselves as unlimited creators capable of thinking, feeling and acting independent of the matrix have little to no fear of the matrix because fear is not real so the matrix is not real.

The only reason the matrix of fear appears to be real is because most humans, on some level, see themselves as a mindless insect, fearing power loss to politicians, news media, big business and other entities built primarily on scaring people to do their will, in order to gain even more worldly power and wealth.

If you do not EASILY and CLEARLY see this truth, you have some insect-level-thinking to own, face and release. After that, when you see yourself as an unlimited creator, you have both the power and billions to unlimited number of options in the form of ideas, feelings and actions, to live a calm, serene life of peace, to empower the masses with your love, and to be a bright light in the illusion of darkness, shadow and fear.

You are unlimited. You are not a mindless insect struggling to survive. Own your power. Step into your unlimited nature. You have billions of options-ideas to act upon independent of worldly circumstances. When they zig, you can zag so effortlessly, it will stun you for a few moments.

Be who you really are by ceasing to be what you never were.

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Ryan Biddulph

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