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Do You Cling to Problems or Find Solutions?

Last night one of the goats delayed before walking in to the pen.

We have been house sitting for just 2 days and had not seen this behavior.

She is a large lass; some 125 plus pounds. No way could I pick her up or even coax her in. The usual treats – goat cookies and hay – did not work as enticements.

The problem: as darkness loomed, a large goat milled around her pen for 20 minutes, delaying our dinner prep and evening activities.

I did not cling to the problem. Problems never solve themselves if you focus your attention and energy on problems because where your attention and energy goes, grows. I pondered solutions. I intended to find solutions.

After trying a few tactics she seemed ready to walk into the pen. Father time nudged her in along with her prey instinct of seeking shelter at night.

Imagine if I focused heavily on the problem for 20 minutes? Stress would have followed. She could have picked up on the stress-energy. She could have delayed entering the pen for 20 more minutes. Problems grow if you concentrate on problems. Solutions arise if you concentrate on solutions.

Focusing on solutions allowed the problem to solve itself organically because where your energy goes, grows.

How About You?

Observe the last 5 problems arising in your life. Did you focus your attention and energy on the problem or the solution? Humans do this weird thing where humans focus – through their will power – heavily on problems arising in life. Problems remain the same; problems. Or problems get worse. But the problem is lifeless, non-sentient and incapable of doing anything on its own. The perceiver – aka problem-builder-sustainer – creates the experience.

Most humans seem to possess weak, lazy minds. Problems arise. Focus on problems. Problems stick around. Note how easily human beings seem to be manipulated by the news media and politicians. The news media and politicians know most human beings possess such weak minds filled with fear and problem-focusing that manipulating most humans by fooling them with fear-problems is “fish in a barrel” easy.

Open Facebook. Scan your main stream. See what I mean?

A select few decide to delve deep into their mind to wade through the spiritual jungle of duality, thought, separation, fear and illusion in order to become solution-focused, then, to be free of problems all together.

What journey do you desire? Do you intend to spend life focused heavily on problems? Or would you rather shift your attention and energy on solutions to feel better, to inspire humanity, to free yourself and to be a bright light in the world?

Hardly the Buddha

I am hardly the Buddha. I live a worldly life. But I spend hours daily writing blog post solutions to pressing blogging problems. I also write and publish this personal growth themed post solution to pressing personal development problems, once a day.

I finally began to realize through energy management and mindset training that shifting from problem to solution becomes quite easy if you know the power to shift-switch-focus is 100% in your mind, waiting for your command.

Doesn't it feel a bit freeing and uncomfortable to realize you have all the answers within? Any problem is solution-based at the shift of your focus. You shift your focus. Problems are meaningless ideas created in ego-fear. Problems did not exist until you focused attention and energy on some event and labelled the event a problem.

Practice shifting to solutions to find the solutions or to align with someone who possesses the solution to share with you. Get out of your problem-focused mind. Find solutions or solutions-providers to free yourself of problems and to teach humans that the roadmap to all solutions can be traversed within.

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph inspires you with courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and his blog at Blogging From Paradise.