Did You Forget to Have Fun?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Check out this image:

I noted the 2 pictures side by side after I uploaded pictures to Facebook today. My wife and I went hiking in New Hampshire. As the fall foliage showed off in a spectacular way, I spied me, my skinny legs and the heron beside me.

I aspire to be as thin, angular and chiseled as the bird. My legs sometimes seem as skinny as bird legs compared to my bigger legs of bodybuilding days.

Look at Biddulph. Look at the bird.

Minus me possessing a weird sense of humor, I remember to have fun. Otherwise, what is the point? Taking myself seriously makes blogging and life a drag. Who cares if you experience worldly success as a serious, strained, depressed, panicked, frenzied human being? Life is for us to have fun, to help people and to live whatever definition of success you aspire to embody.

Some intend to raise a family. Some intend to build a thriving business. Some want to be a loving aunt or uncle. We all intend to be different people but the one common thread among all human beings: we want to have fun doing this stuff.

People want to have fun. People want to enjoy the ride.

But have you stopped to ask yourself: did I forget to have fun?

How About You?

People work jobs to avoid going broke. Folks raise families because “you are supposed to get married and have kids.” Really? Who says? People often feel depressed because some want to circle the globe, start a business and experience unlimited freedom as a digital nomad. But the same people work a job, get married and start a family because parents, family and friends advise people to do each thing. This depressed, miserable lot stopped having fun the moment they left their dreams behind.

Perhaps a dad working a job to support his family won't quit, put his kids up for adoption and begin circling the globe. But he better start scheduling international vacations NOW because guess what? Either you choose to slowly and steadily have fun or you choose to be miserable. Everything depends on you. Either way, time passes, and cares not if you choose to have fun or to make life a serious funeral dirge.

Perhaps the working dad begins a blogging business on the side to grow into something special, fun and freeing. He eventually becomes a pro blogger, circles the globe and he and his wife home school his kids. Why? His most fun, freeing life involved being this human. His children became worldly and cultured, being citizens of the world.

My point is this: if you make decisions from fear you become depressed and stop having fun. If you make decisions from love you become happy and start having fun.

Observe Your Momentum

What momentum do you maintain now? Do you make decisions mainly to have fun? Why not? Humans tend to make decisions not to have fun but to survive, mostly. But humans are not mindless animals living in survival mode. We have a consciousness. We can thrive. We can free ourselves through our mind power.

But living to have fun is the first step to being free because if you do not enjoy the ride you certainly won't enjoy the destination.

Did you forget to have fun today?

Crack a joke. Laugh. Stop taking yourself – and life – seriously.

Are we having fun yet?


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